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Any tips for cleaning onaholes? Specially a onahole which you cannot turn over (flip, I don't know the right english expression), like the Fella 3, or Girl in the box.
Using a towell it gets a little bit "dirty", what do you use to dry it?

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Fella3 I should get… in the next days/weeks (grrr customs) but yes like GitB there's no turning inside/out (the risks of damaging the hole are too strong).

Most often I put the onahole under flowing water, holding it on each side with my hands, then rubbing inside the hole with my thumbs until there's no more lube or semen.

After that, I use "A Clean" for some in-deep cleaning (with regularly some alcohol for antibacterial).

Drying inside is difficult of course, I make sure enough air comes in, and I let it rest for at least a week (standing with the hole down, so water can flow out and get on a towel).

pic related

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Isn't one week too long ? i mean when you have only one onahole ,if you have to wait a whole week for one use… xD
Oh and the cleanning only work with alcohol ? or there is other product it can work with ?

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Of course this can be a lot faster with warm air and a fan (summer is great for drying onaholes properly);

Also: who the fuck owns only one onahole ? Once you had a taste of a good one, you go directly buy some more ! x)

Clear water is perfectly fine, alcohol can be used sometimes in onaholes who don't have antibacterial materials. Most of onaholes who can require alcohol cleaning are actually cheap and low quality, they may break before even having dangerous bacterias.

In any case, good drying is necessary: bacterias need wet environment.

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Use this. Works great on all kinds of unflippable holes.

To dry it, use a paper towel instead of a linen one. Just insert/pull it slowly, so it doesn't tear and get stuck inside.

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>turn over /flip
Turn/flip inside-out.

>Using a towell it gets a little bit "dirty"

Using a microfiber towel fixes that to a good extent.

Rince with water a couple of time, then wash the outside with soap, rince the outisde, wash the inside with soap (scrub the insides with your finger), rince it out.
You might want to use soap one or two more times on the insides if you left cum in it for over a day out of laziness.

To dry it, pat the outisde dry with a towel, squeeze water out as if milking a cow, starting from the bottom (closed end) toward the front. it should only leave a little ammount of water inside; but I'd still recommend using a microfiber towel to get it out. Cut a piece of towel and wrap it around a pencil or something. Too much friction can damage the inner structure of the onahole.

If you're too lazy to make it yourself or can't craft it you can buy it here: http://www.hotpowers.jp/goods/1-906.html.

Once dry apply starch or talcum.

Use cold water.
Using alcohol is unnecessary.

You don't need to wait for it to dry after cleaning it. It's already clean, what remains inside is a little bit of water.
Whats the worse that could happen? your lubricant gets watered down slightly.
Is it worth waiting a full week to avoid that? definitely not.

OH, and store your onahole in a dark place. X rays damage the polymer structure by primming free radicals. And the sun produces X rays.

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In before had to learn the hard way Protip: Do NOT put talcum or baby powder on your onahole(s)!

Use cornstarch instead, so not to damage the onahole.

ID: 880ba No.564

What happened? I always use baby powder and haven't had any problems. I don't really trust cornstarch as it seems like it could act as food for bacteria.

NLS (where I buy all my stuff) only sells talc based powders:

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>>564 Oh, the the clear fleshlight had this sticky grip kind of like dual layer onaholes do and the baby powder had talc in it and it seems like it dried the gripy ness(not a word ) out of it.

And I do not want to do a repeat and ruin my Meiki (the Meiki series are awesome.)

Tis good you haven't had any problems with the talc.

It has been going around for years now that talc may cause cervical/ovarian cancer. I don't know this, So it makes me wonder what it could potentially be doing to us guys, prostrate etc. also

ID: 880ba No.566

Were you powdering the inside of your Fleshlight? I don't think you're supposed to do that…

I've heard plenty of good things about the Meiki series at ToyDemon, but I've never tried one myself.

As for the cancer thing, that mostly pertains to women who expose their genitals to talc and even then the studies have been inconclusive (http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancercauses/othercarcinogens/athome/talcum-powder-and-cancer).

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