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I noticed a lot of dirt on the external surface of my onaholes, showing plenty of "dustbunnies" or whatever you would call them no matter how much I clean and apply cornstarch/ baby powder. Any suggestions or is this generally what happens to onaholes after opening? I've only had used mine for about a month, 3 times a week.

Oh, and it's also noting that I have the Superb Fella 3 fellatio onahole, and unfortunately, I tried to clean the inside by turning it inside/out carefully, but somehow, it slowly wore out and many of the inside dark pink surfaces (resembling the color of the inside of the mouth) have been lacerated or torn, which pissed me off. I guess I'll have to use the A-Clean tool…but is there any way to clean/dry the inside of all onaholes without turning them inside out? Will simply letting the insides dry outside in dark areas work?

I tried looking from many sources, but nothing other than drying them in dark areas appealed to me as "serious" answers. However, I do get some water still stuck at the bottom of the onaholes even after a long time has past, so I'm not sure what I should do.

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Superb Fella 3, oh yeah that's an onahole with a sticky and electrostatic surface who attracts and collects dirt and dust and whatever flies around :)

While cleaning I use water and soap, I pet it dry with a microfiber towel and store it right away in the cupboard, inside a storage bag. This way it can peacefully dry and keep protected from dust. Once it's dry, I sometimes apply powder and store it back. There's still dust, but not much. Way not enough to turn me down when I feel like using it ;)

For cleaning I just let water flow inside and rub a bit with my fingers, let all the water out, spray inside with antibacterial and basically store it right away, opening heading down (I put a towel at the bottom of cupboard to collect the few remaining drops). It slowly dries inside, sometimes there's still water after 2 days, but it's okay because of the antibacterial. I won't turn this one inside out.

I confirm, don't let it dry in the sun, or when it's hot. Ambient temperature in a cupboard is perfect :)

ID: 94d82 No.102

Thanks! Unfortunately, even before I made this post, I was hasty and decided to turn it somewhat inside out and the insides "lacerated" and/or got cut.broke :/. I'm sure I can still use it but… I think I'm going to have to buy another one in the very near future once I save up…which brings me to my next question (i don't really want to make another thread although slightly off topic).

I also have the Seven Teen Bordeaux Onahole and I love it. However, I'm noticing that the dark red layer inside is slowly seperating from the light pink layer (which probably means it's not sticking to the surface like it should be). Other than that, it works fine and I can use it perfectly… It's just that the inside entrance of the onahole is separated and so I actually have to carefully place my friend inside the bumby,dark red layer without further seperating the rest.

Can heat from the onahole UB warmer cause the adherence material that allowed the two layers to stick fade? I made sure that I lubed the onahole first and stuck the UB warmer once it reached a lukewarm temperature for a short while for fear of burns inside.

Anyways, thank you for the advice so far. I cleaned the dust ofdf the Superb Fella 3 using your tips and it's looking a lot better than how I originally had it. It's just a shame I need to buy another one most likely. Time to save up~

ID: 94d82 No.103

Yes dual layer onaholes end up seeing the two layers "separate", the outer layer is just like "molten around".

AFAIK the heat from the warmer isn't enough to affect the two-layer zone, the inner layer would have long gotten flat or even liquid. The two layers separating is the fate for all onaholes of that type, but I see newer ones last longer.

ID: 7bc93 No.172

dry with an aquarium pump like this:


just get some cheap airline tubing at the pet store or walmart and you can either stick the tubes right in your onaholes after you clean them or poke some holes along sides of the tubing so it more thoroughly dries the inside of the onahole. This works great for fleshlights and every male masturbator really. Just attach the tubing, plug in the air pump and it'll be completely dry in just a few hours.

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