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ID: bdc6b No. 106

so it is me again, wow just as i was to order super tight decleration is not sold anymore… wow. So could u give me different reccomandations? combo it up to 30dollars so i dont pay taxes or make 2 packages with 30dollars each. as money is not an issue ;)

ID: bdc6b No.107

File: 1390926630317.jpg (101.68 KB, 400x400, 1GFL5TK.jpg, io e g t)

Wait for it. You can click the "notify me when becomes available" or add to wishlist, there's no way NLS doesn't restock it :)

If after a few days it's still not restocked, mail them.

ID: bdc6b No.108

okey, ill just wait :) anyway since i got ur attention. what could i add to the order of "super tight decleration" that would add up to total of max 31dollars? something ud reccomend

ID: bdc6b No.109

If you got enough lube and don't need to add a bottle in your order, then I might consider this one :)


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