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Has anyone ever tried them out (Besides the Breast Melon reviewed already)? Are they worth it or just another crappy gimmick?

For example, I came across this on J-list by chance [Glans Dual Shaker 16]. Sounds like an awesome idea for foreplay or adapting to different fap material.

So again, any throught on these?

ID: e6659 No.113

The pic is misleading, the oppai aren't included. It's basically just a penis head vibrator. So. Expensive.

Not worth. Oh no. :)

ID: e6659 No.114


Alright, looks like I'll need to lurk more and find another suitable toy other than the two I already own [Superb Fella 3: which is amazing… and Seven Teen Bordeaux: another favorite]. Guess I shouldn't make any real verdicts though without having trying much more than just two. I'll have to decide soon considering I'm running out of lube lol.

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