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ID: 75a3f No. 119

Anyone try this out? Wondering if the tongue gimmick actually feels good/ worth it.

ID: d1b93 No.129

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Not sure about that one, anyone tried "La Bocca Della Verita" (The Mouth of Truth) from MagicEyes. NLS has it in stock now. Gotta wonder what the pseudo teeth feels like…

ID: 80e86 No.130


I'll definitively buy it, as soon as I have enough money to ensure my food supply.

ID: fafbd No.143

I bought mine from toydemon the first week it was released and it was an awesome experience it was also my first time using an oral on a hole the tongue feels great the only thing that went wrong was that the tongue feel out while cleaning which stinks I contacted toydemon and they helped me with a replacement I see go for it if curious hopefully the tongue problem doesn't happen with yours

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