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ID: 67856 No. 120

Kuroneko on the cover. They make a big deal of it being made in japan as opposed to made in china. Anyone have experience with PPP?

en-nls.com doesn't carry her in their inventory, but they can backorder her for you if you ask them.
The price they charge is 2500 yen, slightly steeper than japanese amazon at 2200, and the cheapest places sell her for 2000 yen, but all these places refuse to ship "adult goods" outside japan because it's illegal apparently.
Outside japan, I've seen some HK shop sell her for 360 hong kong dollars, which is almost twice the price.

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ID: 67856 No.122

I wouldn't mind a Kuroneko onahole. Have you found any site that ships to America that has a somewhat cheaper Kuroneko onahole?

ID: 67856 No.123

I would assume everybody already knew about en-nls.com, they ship to america.

ID: 67856 No.124

can you post PPP website id like to check them out

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ID: b3891 No.126

Just ordered a few PPP products including the kuroneko one. Ill write a review once i receive it.

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