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ID: 33471 No. 127

Hi guys.

I want a new onahole to replace pic related: I'm looking for something tighter and MUCH less cumbersome.

I've taken a look on the blog and NLS and Virgin Age ~ Admission, Virgin Age ~ Graduation and Open My Pussy! Rina all appeal to me.
The only problem is that my little buddy is 15.5cm long (never measured girth) and I'm afraid the aforementioned onaholes may be too small.


ID: 5a3ae No.128

Mmmh you're not so big you have to stick to Age series Twenty, but I think Virgin Age Admission won't be a good fit (unless you love to force your way inside it).

Hey, get both Rina and Graduation ! Rina's got some suction while Graduation got stronger stimulation.

ID: 20758 No.131

Definitely get Rina. One of my favourites. I'm about the same length, FYI, although sometimes I like small onaholes, too (e.g. Seven).

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