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ID: 0c103 No. 137

Got new Toys today:
>Baby-faced Green-ass Teacher Hina
>Onaho Market
>The Octopus Girl (Warty)
>3x Toy Bags Small

ID: 0c103 No.138

File: 1397032347257.jpg (382.26 KB, 1600x1200, 09042014129 - Kopie.jpg, io e g t)

So the Big Question about Onaho Market…

2 Onaholes for a really Cheap Price? This gonna be Shit, right?

Well I got
>Virgin Loop
>Bangee Shake HARD
Everything went better than expected

ID: 1f234 No.139

> This gonna be Shit, right?
You tell us how much you did use them before they broke :) Tamatoys…

ID: 11eda No.140

But isn't those 2 onaholes made by Ride. They are not products of Tamatoys.

ID: 1f234 No.141

Oh, I spoke of Onaho Market :)

About Ride, my Bangee Shake and Virgin Loop are still unbroken and performing like the first day, really good durability.

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