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ID: 35e66 No. 147

Hello. I am looking to buy my first onahole. One problem: I have a short penis. Approx 4 inches… You can laugh, but I am serious. If anyone could suggest any that'd be great. If you can't, it's alright, I know that they normally make onaholes to cater for the masses rather than to target the minorities like me. Thanks in advance.

ID: f3f90 No.150

Most Japanese onaholes are very tight but they stretch a lot more than something like a Fleshlight. A common complaint is that they're too tight so a smaller penis won't be a problem. This is affordable and feels good

ID: 35e66 No.151

Thanks for the insight. I don't know very much about onaholes, but what I'm concerned about is the length. Does it matter if I can't really use the whole length of the onahole? And what size should I go for?

ID: 238ae No.152

Any size is okay, you don't have to be in full length inside to have a good time :) And, you lucky bastard, if you let the air out before going inside, you get a nice vacuum on all onaholes !

So, jump in ! :)

ID: 35e66 No.153

Thnaks, I'll take a chance and get the one recommended. Hopefully my first experience will be a great one. Thanks for being understanding. I'll come back if I have any further questions, but for now, thank you.

ID: f3f90 No.154

On the subject of length, this onahole:


Is very long, I like to anchor it at the base of my penis and pull the excess length down. It's a soft and flexible onahole so it doesn't get damaged.
Most Japanese onaholes feel good right from the entrance, unlike certain Fleshlights so length is not an issue.

ID: 6057b No.244

I am very interested in the Seventeen Bordeaux onahole, but I am only 3-4(if I am lucky) inches long. Can anyone vouch as to whether it is worth using for someone like me ;w; ? I have a loli onahole that I use a lot (35 times and counting) but I have always wanted to go DEEP and poke the end TwT

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