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ID: 694e1 No. 166

Right now I am in the process of deciding everything I want to get in my next order. I have already decided to get magic eyes roa hard edition. But I feel like adding a second hole to the purchase. I have been tosing around a few different holes but not sure which to get. I have been trying to decide between http://en-nls.com/pict1-39103?c2=12001012 http://blog.onahole.eu/super-tight-declaration-shimetan.html and http://blog.onahole.eu/age-series-twenty.html Thought I would ask for advice before I make a hasty purchase.

ID: 6e692 No.167

Twenty is a big piece, you want that if you are "above average". I think Lolicon and Roa may feel somewhat the same, no if you wanna add colors in your fun then you lay try the stronger stimulation of Shimetan ;)

ID: 927d6 No.168

How about I add another one to the fray. What about http://blog.onahole.eu/onaho-fairy.html ?

ID: 6e692 No.169

[barbaric shout]

You still want Shimetan, sir :) The fairy may have it's turn another time

ID: 694e1 No.170

Just going to add one more thing. I already own magic eyes rina. Do you think their would be enough of a difference in roa hard edition to make it worth the purchase. If not I will probably get shimetan and another.

ID: 6f2a7 No.171

No idea. Never got a "hard" edition.

ID: 694e1 No.173

Well to put it simply. Do you think the firmness of the outer material and better ability to hold its shape would make it a different enough experience from magic eyes rina to justify the purchase over buying a completely different hole?

ID: 6e692 No.174

Mmmmh… for a dual layer onahole, I guess the contrast of a harder outer layer… yes, yes, definitively interesting.

ID: 694e1 No.176

What about virgin loop? how would you compare it to shimetan? Which one is tighter and which one is a better experience?

ID: 6e692 No.177

Shimetan is more tight, and much more stimulating. On the other side, Virgin Loop takes advantage with it's better material.

ID: 600cf No.178

If you had to pick 2 or 3 must have holes what would they be. Lets have 2 categories. Any price limit and less than $30 each according to NLS prices.

ID: 6f2a7 No.179

I should definitively think about that, making some kind of "onahole collections" lol

ID: 694e1 No.181

Well until you do that. Could you recommend a list of 3 relatively affordable holes for someone who is new to using holes. Either for the widest range of experiences or must experoiece holes.

ID: ef13c No.216

Judging by your review of Rina and Roa, I don't think Lolinco is anything similar to Roa at all.
I have Rina and Lolinco and they are worlds apart already.
Lolinco is even tighter than Virgin Age ~Admission~ and offers far more simulation while it's at it. I would very much NOT recommend it if your member is on the upper side of the average scale or even bigger as you will most likely be liable to either hurt yourself badly or simply rip it apart (but judging by how strong it grips you, I would almost bet on Lolinco breaking you before breaking when talking inner structure).

Unfortunately I can't say anything about durability on it yet as it only arrived for me today but it's already on top of the list of my favorite little toys that I will most likely not be able to enjoy as often as I want due to the stiffness it demands.

I could note that I AM pretty new at the whole onahole thing and only got my first ones (two) a few weeks ago and got a few more today for experimenting and because I have nothing better to waste money on currently.

If people are interested, I can make reviews of; Virgin Age ~Admission~, Girl in the Box, Puni Virgin, Open My Pussy Lolinco & Rina, Tubomi, Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory. However I don't think I need to write reviews for the ones AkaiHebi already has, they feel quite accurate to my own experience.

ID: ef13c No.217

Oh forgot to list Smooth & Flat Cadet but it's kinda irrelevant as the one I got seems to have been a defective unit as the top structure has only a very thin layer that feels like you'll pierce right through it the moment you forget about it which I highly doubt is intended nor does the inner sample images suggest it should be like that either, not to mention the outer entrance ripped just from a finger/onahole warmer which is just bad. For comparison there was no issues at all with Girl's Laboratory and they look outwardly nearly identical and are made of the same stuff by the same company.
I'm hoping NLS will offer a replacement but I'm not exactly placing any big expectations on that even if it would be nice.

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