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ID: 12965 No. 182

So I've tried 4 onaholes so far. As a starter, I got something cheap: My sister can't be this tight-Kirino, and My sister's friend can't be this tight-Ayase. I must say, they were disappointing. Too soft and not stimulating. I think I went over an hour with both of them.

I then decided to get something that was more stimulating. I bought Passionate Wife and Age series: Seventeen Bordeaux. They are both amazing. Stimulation wise, Passionate Wife wins by far. For fun, I like Seventeen Bordeaux more. I didn't expect either of them to be as stimulating and I ended up finishing much earlier than I had anticipated.

I tossed out my first 2 onaholes out immediately. I'm hoping that Passionate Wife and Bordeaux to last me couple of months with gentle care.

Now, I'm looking into onahole that is 'most realistic'. Pretty sure this is subjective for everyone but I'd definitely like to hear what everyone would recommend.

Kirino: http://blog.onahole.eu/kirino-my-little-sister-cant-be-this-tight.html
Age series: Seventeen Bordeaux: http://blog.onahole.eu/age-series-seventeen-bordeaux.html
Passionate Wife: http://www.toydemon.com/passionate-wife-masturbator

ID: 37de0 No.187

By any chance can you comment on the smell of passionate wife? I am currently shoping around and a review listed that smell as "be careful"

ID: 12965 No.192

Where did you see a review saying "be careful" with the smell? I haven't noticed any significant smell other than the time I opened it. It has that fresh product smell initially but after using it for a week and washing it about 4 times, I don't notice any smell. I even put it by my nose and didn't notice any smell.

I've tried http://www.amazon.com/Doc-Johnson-Sasha-Throat-Sucker/product-reviews/B005QEP6TK and damn that think smelled. I was able to smell that even if I stored it in a bag… But this passionate wife doesn't smell at all for me.

Definitely recommend it for strong stimulation. It seems to have good rating as well. Box art is nice as well.

ID: ea182 No.195

I check onaho.net but you will need to run it through google or bing translator.

ID: 12965 No.196

I don't know how strong/intense the strong has to be smelling in order to be called 'significant smell' since I've had only 4 onaholes so far + 1 Doc Johnson fleshlight

From my experience with all 5, DJ's Sasha Gray was the worst that I could smell it even if it was in the bag. It would also leave the smell on my hand! I can't even wash the smell off! I'm using that as my basis for significant smell. All onaholes I've used left no smell on my hand and didn't need a bag to hide the smell. I wouldn't worry about it for Passionate Wife, if you are interested. If you can I guess leaving it out in the open for a day or two will get rid of any smell.

Sadly I'm not an expert with onahole but I can definitely tell you about my experience with Passionate Wife that you are interested in :)

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