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ID: 1e06d No. 185

Im trying to decide on what I want in my next purchase. Im trying to get the widest variety out of my holes. I already have Magic Eyes Rina. But now I want to get 1-2 more holes at a fair price that ofter me a different array of experiences. I just dont know what to look for. I do enjoy my rina. But I want to spice it up a bit. I dont necessarily want holes that are good and bad. But just feel different. Maybe a tight hole. And then something else. Need to come to a decission soon since I will be making the purchase within 2 weeks.

ID: 1e06d No.186

ID: 18ab3 No.188

Well I only know Busty Nurse and Shimetan (the 2 last), mmmh.. yeah Shimetan may interest you, being more tight and more stimulative.

I'd also suggest a Ju-C :)

ID: a2f34 No.189

Any chance you can give some opinions based on what you see of the other holes.

ID: 1e06d No.190

Unfortunately the only product from G-progect I want is punivirgin. And its a bit outside of my price range especially since I would like to pick up 2 holes with this purchase. I have 7 days to decide on the purchase. So unless I decide to get 1 hole instead of 2. Its very unlikely I will be getting punivirgin.

ID: 1e06d No.191

Well if i get shimetan and punivirgin. That means that I still get 2 bottles of lube. I was going to order 2 bottles of peace. But this seems like an alright compromise. Would like some comment on the lube that comes shimetan before I make the purchase. Would like some more info on the smell. Would people on the same floor notice it. Especially with alot of airflow going through the floor?

ID: 1e06d No.193

Also how about some comments on noise. My rina is fairly noisy so its hard to sneak it at night.

ID: 1e06d No.197

If possible I would like a response to the above questions as soon as possible. Placing the order friday/saturday

ID: 35304 No.203

First Time Experience (Idk the name) seems okay, could have been better with more variants and some suction power. Reminds me Kozaru..

Kitty Daughter (black hair) also only has 1 structure type, but a spiral does wonders. I have a positive opinion on that one.

Kitty Daughter Meghan has the advantage of 2 structure types. From the 3, I'd pick this one.

The Shimetan lube… I can't remember well. It wasn't a negative experience. No it doesn't perfume all the house ^^

Shimetan and noise… yes it does. "rubbing" sounds and some splashing. Not really a ninja-tool. Puni Virgin is more discreet, slight rubbing.

ID: 1e06d No.208

Well order is placed. Decided to get punivirgin and Meghan. One last thing. I ordered Peace for my lube. I have only used finish and sleep. Finish and sleep seems like it breaks down really fast. Do lubes like peace which arent supposed to dry real fast last long?

ID: 1e06d No.209

Last longer

ID: 35304 No.210

Mmmh yes I think Peace lasts longer.. if I remember well, I hadn't the need to re-add more during the play. Well, it's a lube you're supposed to wash off afterwards, not keep all night ^^

ID: cd88a No.219

Well I got my order and I have to say, I would recommend against the purchase of any of kitty was my daughter series. Compare to the pictures on the reviews I was seeing. The one I got looks like shit. The interior structure have very little depth to the ridges and the material insise looks likes it practically shreded. I would say that I am very dissapointed in the overall quality of the hole.

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