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ID: c873a No. 212

Im looking for an inexpensive, yet very high quality onahole that has a cervix/"womb". I read your reviews, and it seem open my pussy is great, but there are alot of others that i just cant decide from. IM planning on buying from nls…but i welcome any other suggestions

ID: 0f3a8 No.213

Now if you want a cervix you can really feel "pushing through", get Eroman :)

Open my pussy Rina is a good choice, but the fabric quality seems to be random lately..

ID: c873a No.214

thanks! eroman looks great. Also on your reviews, it seems that nurse's uterus, and the seventeen series have cervixes. Do they as well have the great "pushing through" stimulation? it seems that the seventeens are very popular….i think that the nurse's uterus is a great inexpensive cervix type..but i never tried one so i cant tell…

ID: 0f3a8 No.218

Oh yes the Nurse's Uterus you can stick your glans at the bottom and feel it :) For the Seventeen, it's too small. The glans just "kisses" the opening. It's really more as vacuum space.

ID: c873a No.220

dude then i think ill go for nurse's uterus. i would love to have that push through feeling. in most hentais…..almost all the climax scenes are the womb shots. lol thanks man for the suggestion

ID: c873a No.221

also is the nurse's uterus long lasting material? or does it rip easily? the price seems abit suspect….

ID: dde9c No.222

I have Nurse's Uterus and I can say the material should last a while, I've had it for a month with only a minor tear at the entrance. You won 't feel 'pushing through' as the material is very soft and not tight at at all. The cervix offers literally no resistance so you'll just hit bottom with every stroke.

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