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ID: 3a545 No. 224

Hi all,

please help me to choose my first onahole.
I wanna feel sensation of tight vagine.

I have select:

Ipponsuji [Arisa]
Seventeen Bordeaux
Passionate wife
Uiuishi Imouto

Thanks for your comments and help !

ID: 4ddd8 No.227

I have seventeen bordeaux and passionate wife. About a month of using them and they last pretty well. Passionate wife ended up ripping a bit at the entrance though, for a reason I don't know. Doesn't affect me though. No air escapes. If I'm comparing those two, stimulation wise passionate wife> seventeen bordeaux for sure. As for my favorite, I would choose seventeen bordeaux.

ID: 3a545 No.231

File: 1401178247053.jpg (221.05 KB, 1000x1500, 71K536AChPL._SL1500_[1].jpg, io e g t)

Thanks for your reply.
What about this one ? seems to be a best at amazon japan.
Does 17 bordeaux is enought tight as can be virgin age graduation ?


ID: 340eb No.235

I recommend these:



The first one (nekokko mii nyan) is durable and easy to clean and dry because it can be turned inside out. Good choice for a first onahole. One of my personal favorites.

The second (tsurupeta soft, or as nls call it, Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory) is very nice, and it's tight. But you can't turn it inside out (you'll ruin the inside layer/texture) so cleaning and drying is tricky.

ID: 4ddd8 No.238

While I havent tried virgin age graduation, I tell you that bordeaux wasn't that tight for me. I have average size junk (6in, width 1.25ish) and it was 'roomy'if I were to use it without sucking air out first. Additionally, in my opinion, it's kinda blend. Not much texture as I hoped for. If there are textures, it isn't as hard for sure.

I'm gonna try tight and small one soon for sure.

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