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ID: ecdb5 No. 232

I recently bought Shimetan a a first-time onahole, and have to say I'm pleased with how it turned out.

But now I need advice on how to clean it, especially on the inside. Should I use alcohol or anything antibacterial? Should I stick my finger(s) in with a towel? Should I use a cloth? Any kind of advice will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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ID: bbaf6 No.233

Clear water, and sometimes alcohol after the water :)

And here for the drying:

ID: ddcfa No.234

I don't recommend using alcohol. I heard some reports from some people that using alcohol resulted in their holes becoming harder/less soft.
I personally use antibacterial liquid hand soap and I've had no problems.

ID: 71745 No.239

Hey Akaihebi, would you say seventeen bordeaux is rubbing alcohol friendly? I've been only washing it with running water. I think I should give some antibacterial right about now…

ID: bbaf6 No.240

Just a bit, from time to time. Put in, shake, wash out. Or you can use a safer antibacterial spray.

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