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ID: afff8 No. 237

So I've been using seventeen bordeaux and passionate wife for a month or two but they have been losing their texture or getting ripped up. Passionate wife is still great but rip at the entrance will not hold air out. Bordeaux is just too smooth now. I dunno why :(

So I'm browsing for new onahole now. This time I want to try something tight and not deep. I noticed that I don't like to stroke from the tip all the way down to the shaft. So I've been looking into couple of them:

Open my pussy - rina/roa/lolinco
The first sex
You're my idol
fairy onahole
virgin age admission

Any suggestions? I want tight ones cause Im getting tired of sucking air out every few minutes and they seem to stretch quiet fast…

ID: 0e7b1 No.241

Admission and Lolinco are both tight, the latter having some more stimulation. Just used Lolinco once yet, was a good fap

ID: 5cc4e No.242


Lolinco is amazing, but a little tricky to clean, and you should definitely get a cock ring if you are uncut.

ID: afff8 No.243

Seem that only NLS has Lolinco. How are their shipping time for e-packet (10-14 days)7 and EMS (7-12 days w/ +$4 difference)to USA. Which shipping method do you guys prefer? I'm okay with 2 extra days if it usually takes max days for it to arrive.

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