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ID: feac3 No. 246

Hello everyone. Decided to join the club and get my first onahole. For now i stopped at Seventeen Bordeaux and Open My Pussy - Rina (still thinking about Shimetan and Admission). My D is not so large (4,7 inches)but i prefer to use onahole in full length (that's why i doubt about Bordeaux, even if i really like how it looks inside and material itself). Any reccomendations?) Also i wanted to ask 2 more things : 1) How long lasts "finish & sleep" in one use? 2)http://en-nls.com/pict1-22912?c2=12001111 can someone say something about this onahole? i'd like to try Hip onaholes in future

ID: 4bc72 No.247

Start with Rina :)

I'm not sure how long it holds by itself, when using it eventually mixes with my precum. You have well 15 minutes of fun, maybe more.

I'm also thinking about a hip, maybe Cocolo or Puni Ana DX. I have no opinion about hips yet

ID: 101b3 No.248

Thanks) In the end, ordered both of them)Hard to pick only one,but my wallet will hate me for sure xD

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