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ID: f9ede No. 253

So I made a huge mistake of forgetting to clean my onahole after each use.

Basically, I used my seventeen bordeaux about a week ago and left it aside, and told myself that I'll clean it up later. Well I completely forgot and yesterday I used it thinking that it was clean.

I wake up in the morning with huge itch on my penis and yellowish fluid on my boxer brief. It's a fungal infection and basically I'm taking care of it by using antifungal cream and routinely cleaning my penis and boxer brief.

Just typing infection, itch, fleshlight, onahole on google gave me a result that describes my case exactly. Hopefully it clears up in a week. Can't use any onahole or even masturbate cause it irritates the area.

It's getting hot where I am and my room has been hot when I was out of my house. So it makes sense that with lube and use, not cleaning, and hot room temp, there will be minor fungal growth in my onahole.

Summer is here and make sure you guys keep your onaholes clean! As for my onaholes, I'm cleaning them out with rubbing alcohol. Basically I poured them into my onahole and left it there for a bit.

ID: 6e739 No.254

Holy shit o_o
Do you have pics of the onahole and/or your penis ?

ID: f9ede No.255

Nothing much to show about the onahole. It's very clean looking from visual inspection. I checked inside with flashlight and no dark spots like how someone else posted here. It's Seventeen bordeaux and 'looks' fresh out of the box still.

As for my penis… I will post a pic later but after using lotrimin, swelling, redness, wetness(from oozing), and itching subsided significantly. I should've posted it all when I first made the post. I will post the pics when I see swelling and redness again.

ID: 28328 No.271

Daaaaamn… dude I'm sorry to hear that, sound like a nightmare. When I first started using onaholes, I usually left them for days, sometimes by forgetting, and cleaning them later, but when I left it for days the onahole smells bad, so I got the habit of smelling them before use, just in case. I've set up my storage for onaholes in a way I can't make a mistake… I was thinking if posting pics of the places of where I store my onaholes, how, and other stuff and thought it would be pointless… but maybe it could be usefull to some people.
I really hope you get well man, it never happened to me, I used my onahole with something black inside of it (check older posts), but never got an infection :(

ID: 1672c No.278

File: 1405122384847.jpg (2.53 MB, 4128x2322, 20140711_185619.jpg, io e g t)

So I finally got my laptop USB port to work couple days ago and I decided to post the picture that Akaihebi asked for.

Basically, it's all healed up and ready to rock. About a week of light fapping and applying Lotrimin as if my life depended on it if my penis was not covered by it, I no longer have any problem.

Well, I do have ONE problem. The color of my shaft changed lol. Now it is a bit more lighter color. If you look at the picture, you can see the area that is lighter than the surrounding. You can clearly draw the borderline of dark and lighter area. Lighter area is where the infection was. It is not that noticeable in normal lighting so it doesn't look weird thankfully. From what I have learned in school, I had Tinea Versicolor, a fungal infection that changes the skin tone in the affected area. Severity can vary and luckily I had a minor case that was easily treated.

I threw out my Seventeen Bordeaux and Passionate Wife after one last farewell use. Sad to see them go but even though I cleaned it with antibacterial products, I don't want to risk a chance of it happening again… Plus Bordeaux insides were coming apart and Passionate wife entrance was ripped so I was not having suction.

ID: 1bfc0 No.285

I feel sorry for your loss man (the onaholes), that really hurts, throwing them away :(

ID: 1672c No.288


I know :( Bordeaux was my most expansive onahole I have ever purchased. But it was a learning experience. Glad that my condition wasn't severe.

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