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ID: abf8a No. 261

Finaly got my order a few days ago (Rina, Bordeaux and F&S:moist). I was right by getting them both) they feel really different, can't say which one is better. Right lube seems really matter. F&S was good with Bordeaux, but with Rina it feels not so great. Magic Eyes standart lube far better with Rina. Which lube similiar to Magic Eyes? Also i wanted to ask about cleaning, cause i cant reach end of onahole with my cleaning cloth, it's not completely dry (Even if i put it vertically) is it ok? and for the last one… wanna try something that feels different from these two. Can you reccomend something? Personaly now i'm looking at tight onaholes, Shimetan and admission. But it seems admission better, excluding that shimetan has more lube? P.S. Sorry if my grammar is bad. English isn't my native language

ID: bd3fe No.262

Similar to… mmh. Pepe and Peace's are a bit less fluid that theirs. Magic Eyes also sells lube bottles.

It's okay if not completely dry, sometimes use antibacterial spray

About tightness, Shimetan's not as much as Admission. Get the latter :)

ID: ca884 No.263

I don't know if it about fluidity or viscosity)i found their lube http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B006WH5WJY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1404258345&redirect=true&s=hpc&sr=1-2 sadly that NLS doesn't have it in stock (generally, i didn't saw any lube from magic eyes anywhere else, except amazon.jp). It seems i need special order from them

ID: 09cd5 No.264

@Akaihebi, I don't think you should say "it's ok if it's not completely dry", remember my case… I really think you should clean it perfectly, I bought from a chinese store a very tiny microfiber cloth, with which just using your finger it gets anywhere, so try to find one. You could also try to sew "the fingers" in a tutorial made here on this board.
As for tightness, my first onahole, Smooth & Flat Girl's Laboratory http://en-nls.com/pict1-28466?c2=9999 is VERY tight, I really like it, but mine broke on the top, so yeah, after some months it may break for you too, but it's worth it.

ID: ca884 No.265

Even with a tiny cloth it's really hard to reach end of some onaholes (i can do it with Rina, but not with Bordeaux. My finger barely reaches her cervix and this area stays not completely dry. And i'm actually afraid to damage it )For me it's seems easier and more effective use antibacterial spray or alcohol to prevent occurence of bacteria. About tutorial, i already saw it. Thanks for recomendation) maybe later i try this onahole

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