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ID: 60662 No. 274

Just got a bunch of new toys. Anyone ever try using corn starch for the after rub down, instead of talcum?

Really enjoying what magic eyes has done! Some of the best I have used.

ID: 60662 No.283

I have recently tried the mouth of truth. If you like the light feeling of teeth with a soft BJ this thing is great! I might even get a backup! Easier to clean than I thought it would be! The sides of the mouth do feel fragile though, must be careful.

Virgin age admission is one of the best holes i have ever bought! Everything about it is good!

Anyone use tampons to get the water out after cleaning? I have found it works very well on dual material holes that you can not flip, as well as bigger holes like COCOLO.

ID: 956b2 No.284

Using tamponts to get the water out, rofl. I use a tiny microfiber cloth, it does the job well, also a guy here made a tutorial on how to make things that fit on your finger to clean better and reach everywhere.

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