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ID: 801df No. 275

So I just got my 2 onaholes that I have wanted to get for a looong time. Virgin age Admission and Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. I used to have Bordeaux Seventeen and Passionate Wife but Bordeaux was a little too roomy. Passionate Wife is amazing and I would recommend to anyone who wants high stimulation!

So I thought my penis was a bit too small since I had to squeeze the air out and use it for good time. My junk is about 5.5in to 6in in good days so just about average.

I will post my opinion on them in two separate follow up posts :)

ID: 801df No.276

File: 1405121094676.jpg (1.91 MB, 4128x2322, 20140711_185553.jpg, io e g t)

First up, it's Lolinko!

I put up a picture to show the size of my penis and how it compares to the onahole. Perhaps it will give better perception on the size.

As for the feels, it feels good. Really really good. It is soft and hugs my penis just right. Not too tight, not too loose. So, if I go at my normal speed, I can actually feel the soft bumps. Best part has to be the inside where it curves downward a bit cause it rubs the bottom part of my penis really really well. Akaihebi seem to prefer the entrance more so I explored that part but I prefer the end more. Entrance feels good too for sure. Just my preference.

As for the depth, it's perfect. I can reach the end although whether reaching the end or not never effected my stimulation.

Downside though. It's HUGE AND HEAVY. Length wise, Bordeaux is longer but width wise, it's wide. If you want comparison, it's just about as wide as those red plastic cup you use at a party for alcoholic beverages. Not the narrowest part, but at the top, where it is the widest. Weight doesn't bother me much but it does get into your head since it's not the usual weight of onahole that you are used to. Cleaning is also a pain in the ass! I thought Bordeaux was pain to clean since it is a dual layer but this one is in whole another level! You really have to use your fingers to clean this cause you can't fill it up with water and squeeze it.

Oh and while I was cleaning, I noticed that it firmly grabs my finger as well. Again, not too tight, not too loose.

I'm worried about how long it will last though. My Bordeaux seventeen was beginning to fall apart after about a month of use. The duel layer was starting to come apart. I'm kinda worried about that since Akaihebi also mentioned that after about 10 uses, the entrance was falling apart. :(

I know Akaihebi gave it 85% but I would give it 95%. It certainly met my expectation and I came second fastest with this one (first one being passionate wife). Then again, I have only owned 6 onaholes (Seventeen Bordeaux, Passionate Wife, My sister can't be this tight, My sister's friend can't be this tight, Virgin age Admission)

ID: 801df No.277

File: 1405121891509.jpg (1.84 MB, 4128x2322, 20140711_185603.jpg, io e g t)

Next up it's Virgin Age Admission!

Again, I have provided a picture for size comparison.

First thought: STRUGGLE IS REAL! Holy Shit this is tight!. If I don't have full on erection, this one will not be easy to enter! I tried using it with half erection and DAMN! My penis was bending as I tried to push it in. I had to hold the bottom of the shaft to get it in and even to stroke it.

Doesn't mean I don't like it though. Inside is very bumpy and I feel each bump well. The bump is stronger than Lolinko and it is more stimulating. To have fun though, I need both of my hands: one to stroke, one to hold my penis in place. Kinda ruins the fun of stroking and browsing web.

Tight Tight Tight! Tightest one I have ever used! If I let is go, even for a second, it will shoot out like a highly pressurized plastic bottle rocket! It reminded me of a review by Akaihebi about the one that was really tight and it will shoot out a mile away if you let it go.

I'm kinda mixed about this one. like I said, it is very tight and I need a full on 100% erection to stroke it with one hand. Even with 80% erection, I will not be able to use it with one hand. If you look at the picture, I have about 75% erection and it is pretty close to the top. Thing is, the depth is not that far in, so basically I'm not getting full stroke down to the bottom of the shaft.

If I were to rate this, I would give it 85%. Stimulating but too much work in my opinion. I would definately use it often though. Probably more than Lolinko cause of the difficulty of cleaning.

Cleaning wise, it's quiet easy. Single layered so I just just put it against running water and stick my finger in and out to clean. Like Lolinko, you can't put any water inside since it is tight and non will go in… Definately easier to clean though.

ID: 801df No.279

File: 1405122838831.jpg (8.31 KB, 225x225, asdff.jpg, io e g t)

Apologies to Akaihebi if I am basically copying what he does. Some things I wrote contradict what you wrote in your blog. I just wanted to give others a second opinion since these two onaholes are frequently asked/suggested. You helped me a lot in choosing which onahole to get. Afterall, you are the expert and I'm still a noobie :)

ID: 91f81 No.280

File: 1405124925723.jpg (149.98 KB, 1600x1131, 0.jpg, io e g t)

Don't call me an expert lol, nobody hired me to test out onahole concepts with my Caucasian dick :D

What's bad in giving out your opinion ? I never asked people to agree with mine, it's perfectly fine to tell and prove that I'm wrong, that's why this board exists and sure as hell nobody gets deleted or ban for that :)

ID: 801df No.281

File: 1405134257056.jpg (24.63 KB, 300x290, Im-still-scared-please-be-….jpg, io e g t)


You were sooo right about needing rock hard boner and holding it down as if you are going to crush your balls for Admission lol. I was thinking "no onahole can be that tight" boy I was wrong lol.

I have a question though, how do you clean Lolinco? I just let the water run by the entrance and just use my finger until I dont 'feel' any lube inside. Kinda scared to use rubbing alcohol to clean atm. I'm just trying to be as gentle as possible.

ID: 91f81 No.282

I use the same. Water + fingers.

ID: 9affc No.286

About the lolinco, I got it recently. I've bought many onaholes before, and I really dislike dual layers. My dick is the same size as yours, and I just can't use this onahole, it's way too tight and the rubs are very hard for me, I just lose my erection because I cannot move well.
I'm thinking about it, and probably it has to be because my dick has a short frenum. 2 years ago when I got onaholes, I couldn't even peel my skin, with the time and a lot of fapping, now I can, but it probably is still bothering me, or I just have a sensitve penis…
So I hate this onahole, I barely can't enjoy it, I don't recommend it to others, unless they can go very hard and hardly lose an erection.
I got one of my small lube bottles (thicker than my dick), put lube in the onahole and shoved it in, I let it sit from one morning to the other, and yes, the onahole stretched out, now I can use it, but it still doesn't feel good…
I really can't enjoy dual layer onaholes, if you love them, try the J-Hole! Ryo Saitani!, that one it's way too tight, I don't recommend if you dick is thicker than your thumb finger…
Well, thanks for sharing your opinion though :P

ID: 801df No.287


Whoa Lolinco was tight for you? Damn our thickness must be very different if you have to stretch it before using it. I would say my thickness is about a thumb and half (i dont have Megan Fox thumb lol) and fits well for me. Everyone is different when it comes to enjoying each onahole.

I agree with dual layer. I have to be extra careful with any dual layer onaholes due to my experience with first dual layer onahole(bordeaux seventeen) which began to separate and was bothering me when using it.

I see. It's kinda hard to remove the water that gets trapped inside though. Kinda afraid to use any towel ATM. I just squeeze the water out like how I squeeze air out with other onaholes. That is becoming my limiting factor for the number of times I used Lolinco. I've used Admission a lot more today and yesterday and to be honest, my initial opinion about it is changing for better.

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