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I never used one before but now I am interested enough to finally start.

Speaking from your experience should I start with an affordable one like the "My little sister Kirino" and see if I like it or should I just start with a more expensive one like the "Age Seventeen" if money is not that important?

Am I missing out if I just skip the cheaper ones or is it wiser to just start with a "better one"?

ID: 2b70c No.30

Depends on how much money you wanna invest in it :)
You can choose a slowly quality escalation if you can afford it and don't want to get bored, or you can directly head for the best and stick to it for long.

For a start, I may recommend getting a good one and a "below-average" one, for comparison.

And it may take some different stuff to know what you like the best (tight or not, lifelike or "mechanical", structure types, mild for long sessions or strong for minute-jerking, …)

ID: 2b70c No.31

From reading your reviews (I think I read all of them) my favorites are the mentioned "My little sister Kirino" as the low cost variant and the "Age Seventeen" as the little more expensive one.

I now also found the "Super Tight Declaration! -Shimetan-" which is right in between price wise.

I'm not sure how to start yet but maybe I will choose two of the three mentioned.

ID: 2b70c No.38

Hey, AkaiHebi. BTW, where we can find your presonal topN toys? If it's not a secret )

ID: 2b70c No.39

Not a secret or anything, but.. doing a kind of ranking would be meaningless. It would keep changing day by day according to my mood and lots of other subjective things. And ranking new stuff implies comparing to older stuff, and I don't have old stuff anymore.. and my memories are fading away :D

ID: 2b70c No.40

^) I posted my last post before I have read those pastebin links. Soooo… nevermind )

May I ask you about your country. You see… I mean that most toys packages contain pictures with young, very young girls… What about pedophiles laws, can it be interpreted as "pedo things" ?

I have heard that one man in somewhere in America were arested because he bought some anime figures (naked lolis)… Yes, I understand that determined by country and laws.

ID: 2b70c No.41

I think no law in this world is clear enough about this point. And there weren't enough trials to know what the guidelines are. Some people post guro loli rape on Tumblr or Pixiv without problem, some people get ass-spanked with a cactus for merely suggesting, doing black humor in a comic strip. In a same country.

I don't know if law enforcement will actively hunt for fictional content or if it's only to scare away "potential future rapists". Yet I don't see proof of any direct link between lolicon and pedophilia and child raping. I mention the three because there sure are people who do feel love for children but would never approach them or even confess their pedophilia. People hating the ones raping children, hurting them and destroying their lives. And of course there is the first category, the ones who "don't like 3D" and rather stick to hentai, without any danger to anybody.

Sadly, it seems to me that most western countries drive by emotions and personal morales, not reason and common welfare.

ID: 2b70c No.42

AkaiHebi said: "I don't know if law enforcement will actively hunt for fictional content or if it's only to scare away "potential future rapists". Yet I don't see proof of any direct link between lolicon and pedophilia and child raping."
Astute. A huge discrepancy in American law–loli manga, figures and art are considered dangerous to children, a "gateway" to molestation, and mere possession can lead to prison time equal to or more severe than for rape and murder in many states. Meanwhile, gun ownership is sacrosanct and obscenely prevalent, while guns are used every single day in this country to kill and maim, but no "2nd amendment-loving gun owner" will ever be arrested for mere possession of a gun.

ID: 2b70c No.72

I've bought a open my pussy roa, and I've been thinking about use it with a condom, can I?

ID: 2b70c No.73

For one time I guess it's okay if you use enough lube. But I'm not sure the condom's latex is totally harmless.

Use a thin condom or you won't feel anything at all ;)

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