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ID: a0cdd No. 292

Hey guys, I just wanted to know a couple of things. But first let me just say that yesterday I ordered my first onahole. I bought the "Puru puru oshiri finale" from jlist and I gotta say I am looking forward to it. for someone that has a panty fetish and butt fetish this seems like a deal (especially when the panties are shimapan). and it was only £56. but anyways what I wanted to know is the following…
1.should I clean it before i use it for the first time?
2.what's it like to use a onahole for the first time?
3.is this a good replacement of fapping with hands?
4.does any of you guys own one and would like to share your experience?
5.does this actually feel like im f*cking a vagina or butt?

ID: a5e68 No.293

1- Knowing Tamatoys, you want the foul smell off first ;)
2- MIND BLOWING ! Store that feeling deep in your memory !
3- Be your own judge once you tried ^^
4- I don't have, mainly due to shipping costs and hiding troubles
5- Be your own judge once you tried ^^

ID: e9ac1 No.310

Let me know what you think i was thinking or purchaseing this one http://www.jlist.com/product/TMT413

ID: e9ac1 No.348

any updates on this purchase?

ID: 8a7cb No.453

I've used this one.

It's completely flat on the bottom so you cant really let it ride you. It's only good for "doggy style" while you're standing up.

It always took me about 10 minutes just to enter it because the entrance was too small. I give a 1 out of 10. There's nothing too special about it.

I just threw it away after the third use because it was too much of a hassle.

I was hoping I'd be able to use it "cowgirl" style by griping the butt. Nope.

On a side note, you can take a pillow and use that to hold a regular onahole to get that effect. Using an onahole without griping it directly is great.

ID: 8a7cb No.454

Also, the lube that comes with it is terrible. it dries really fast.

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