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hi, i am new at here. i have been reading these very well done reviews and trying to decide to pick one or two, it will be my first onahole(s) so i need some advise.
i wanted to buy "puni hole dx". but sadly although the price for the hip is good, the shipping price ruined it since it is very heavy :(
so i turned my head to air lovedolls instead, with a good onahole to pair with ofcourse. so, this is my first option, and there is another.
not buying air doll, instead of that, buying second onahole, particularly "la bocca della verita" an oral onahole.
i wanted to buy air doll because it will be something i can imagine myself "fucking" it, if you know what i mean. i might use something like pillow or tower to tuck onahole in still have the handsfree feeling, with this way, i can buy the second onahole.
i really want the mouth onahole too :( i might even go for 2 onaholes and a air doll if shipping price dont ruin it, since the prices at nls is really good.
so, for the "main" onahole, i need advices. i would like something with good suction and a little tight. maybe seventeen series "20"?
i saw at reviews that some of the onaholes have something like womb entrance, this looked pretty cool, i would like to have this kind of thing.
ALL other suggestions is welcome. please help this noob :)
*the photo: me, trying to decide what to buy

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i forgot to mention, mine is 6.5" and circumcised. i dunno if it makes any difference since these toys seems really elastic. my concern is on durability side. i would cry if it tears or something :(

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