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ID: 71233 No. 297

for my first onahole, i will buy two. one is decided an it is "the mouth of truth" aka fella bocca.
but cant decide the second one. virgin age gradiations is highly suggested for beginners but it lacks suction chamber at the end, the womb entrance like structure. the one like that eroman or seventeen evo has. but evo lacks texture at the end while 17 r20 seems to have good texture at the end chamber(s).
is this important or am i overthinking about womb like thing? i tried to explain what i mean it the pic (beware my paint skillz)
the seventeen series r20 has good suction chambers but it is not really like womb, doesnt have lips like eroman or seventeen evo.
gradiation is more expensive than r20 and 17 evo(there is also soft version), so can we say it is directly superior than them? even if it lacks womb section?
and 17 bordeux is given 100 points, people saying it is the best but i read it is not durable. i need something durable. so,
r20 or 17 evo or 17 evo soft or 17 bordeux or gradition or lolinco or something other than these that you would recommend? evo got weak points while bordeux got a perfect 100. gradiation got a strong 93 too. lolinco got 87.
help me decide please

ID: 71233 No.298

btw i need a lube advice too. a decent one that can last long since i cant order international that often

ID: aac2c No.300

File: 1406154708805.png (83.85 KB, 610x332, ash onahole pokemon.png, io g t)

I think you're overthinking about that cervix-uterus part ^^
It does give a suction bonus though. But if you really wanna slide through a cervix, Eroman is definitively the one you want ! Plus it's a single-layer, so it won't fall apart too fast.

Since you're a beginner, maybe you wanna consider "Open my pussy Roa/Rina" http://blog.onahole.eu/open-my-pussy-series.html
Usually a safe buy to explore how you react to onaholes, you can get something more "extreme" afterwards :)

ID: 71233 No.301

File: 1406165189406.jpg (18.9 KB, 460x302, 1426604_456745434429787_71….jpg, io e g t)

thanks for input. eroman seems very good but it is not avaliable at nls :(
so, after reading tearing and spliting reports for dual layer sleeves, especially for bordeux, i decided to go with a single layer one. looked up couple of good ones, amoung best sellers, i finally decided to go with the r20.. it is big, deep and has suction chamber, has nice variaty of textures. they say it is not tight and gets even more loose after first use but i have some good ideas to fix that :)(like elastic bondage or elastic ring to make a tighter entrance and better lube holding) this way i will have the option to get a tight or a relaxed hole according to mood. beeing not tight is good for durability too. i can not ask more. so i am placing the order. other suggested single layer ones like passionate wife and all others seemed too small to me.
i will also get a tenga egg, tenga pocket, chu, tenga us cup. theese items didn't add to shipping cost, and they are cheap. i like to experiment :) i didn't pass the max 100 usd custom limit too. i wont buy a lubricant, i will make my own from xantam gum. those 250 and 360ml bottles wont last long for me and they make shipping cost go very high.
so, i guess this is as good as it gets for a first order :) thanks to you all for helping this noob.

btw, does e-packet provide tracking??? i want to use e-packet instead of ems because it is much cheaper.

ID: aac2c No.302

Yup, it's registered e-packet, through the tracking in your country may not be as good.

ID: 53741 No.314

File: 1406666951901.png (54.86 KB, 1500x1175, challenge accepted meme.png, io g t)

You can also try Nurse's Uterus. IT is one of the cheaper cervix, structures. Im also a big fan of those kind of onaholes, so basically im kinda listening in on this conversation XD

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