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Hey all,
just started lurking this board and the reviews here. I am currently stalking the mailman who should be here like in hours with my first onahole.
I deiced on magic eyes lolinco after a few months of researching, almost buying then finally finding a US vendor to purchase from. Was introduced to onaholes after seeing a xvideo clip of a guy screwing a dollho. Found a site selling them for like 700 USD, yikes! Ok, backed off, then saw the onas and said hey that looks cool! I work in a sextoy shop and have a few masturbators ect. but all seem to leave you wanting more. Sooo I pulled the trigger and bought an onahole.
Now i am wondering if my preferred lube will be ok to use. It is called spunk lube I believe it is a hybrid "water based silicone" and says safe for all sex toys and condoms. but not sure if it is safe for the marital used in onaholes? anybody have knowledge of water based silicone lubes and onas?
ty in advance :D

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"water based silicone".. I seriously don't know about the silicone… can't it dry up, agglomerate and fill all the sweet crates and ribs that were supposed to feel so good ?

Well, be our guinea pig and try it out :p
"I work in a sextoy shop" my my, I guess you have plenty of lube to choose from :) But: NO VASELINE.

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Lol I will git it a go with my fav spunk lube. And report back. :D well I love how stringy the magic eyes sample pack of lube is and wish I sold jap lube! :( all I have is the typical stuff.

But the lolinco is awesome!!! Pretty happy with my first choice.

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