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ID: 47483 No. 312

Hi I'm looking for an onahole to buy, I'm thinking of Open my pussy Rina but I'm really not sure as i've never used an onahole before i don't know what I'm lookinng for. I want something that feels like the real thing i guess, any advice. Im also from the UK any good places in which i could buy them. Thanks in advice

ID: 51836 No.313

UK ? Something for you here maybe if you look local: http://www.wanta.co.uk/

ID: 7d3e0 No.315

Yeah i bought Sujiman Kupa Rina and omg its amazing, Shall never use my hand again. Btw would you recommend a Meiki, i've heard people talk about them like they are the best thing ever. Any thoughts?

ID: 56c2c No.316

No thoughts :) Maybe someday I may get one. Maybe.

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