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last night after a round i was kinda lazy and ditched the cleaning. now i wanted to clean it but then it hit me. a horrible, disgusting stench! i was almost puking on the spot. i've never smelled such a thing in my life. i tried everything to get rid of the stench (heck, even febreeze) but nothing is really working. has anyone experienced a similiar situation and can give me some advice on how to get rid of this smell?

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I'd recommend white vinegar. Pour inside, leave for an hour, wash out, put some alcohol, wait a few minutes, wash again and make it dry.

Tell us if that's enough :)
ps: anything weird visible inside ?

ID: ef871 No.319

Will do once i get my hands on some white vinegar :)
There isn't anything visible, my onahole might just have kinda "abt's sorbed" a part of the stuff :/
(it's a "Nurse's Uterus" onahole from RIDE)

ID: ef871 No.321

wtf dunno what happened there

I'm soaking it in white vinegar atm.
I will use some spiritus afterwards and post my results once I'm finished.
Thanks for the help btw :)

ID: ef871 No.322

Update: the vinegar definitely lessened the smell, after the alcohol process the stench was almost gone (I'd say about 90%).
I'm repeating the steps to get completely rid of it now, thanks again for the advice :)

TL;DR works pretty well

ID: c1466 No.341

I have a similar problem. I went to use my onahole after neglecting to clean it and a yellow foul smelling liquid dripped out (like really yellow). Threw it away because it was on its last legs, but it is the last time I will ever neglect to clean one.

ID: f96e4 No.342

Yeah white vinegar can help (for those who want children, remember about white vinegar to clean and sanitize after they puke ^^), but at some lengths it's simply not worth it. Better throw away and spend 30 bucks in a newer one.

ID: ca581 No.344

Yeah, I remember the first time that smell, I also told myself "I'll never be lazy or forget to clean my onahole right after I fap" … haha, now I don't forget, I always leave them 1 day because of laziness. The smell is quite bad, but I just breathe throught the mouth for a bit and that's it. After some cleaning with water, the smell for me disappears at 90%, I'm already used at having that smell. I've been doing this for months, and well, after some time the onaholes get browns/black points, but I can't confirm that this is the cause. But I think it's safe to leave it 1 day, after you clean it, with some soap maybe, it's like new.

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