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Found them :)

The Toami hips (Virgin Love ~ Tsundere Peach Hip) don't have any rating on Amazon, the Tamatoys one (Puru Puru Oshiri Finale) has a few.

Seems like the Tamatoys includes shimapan and a real bottle of lube, while the Toami only has a few "one-use bags". Toami is more missionary style, Tamatoys more doggystyle (but both seem to be turning over).

There's not much to see on the pictures, but seems the Toami is very smooth while Toysheart has a.. "ribby" vaginal hole.

Aside the fact that I don't know Toami, I think the best choice is Puru Puru Oshiri Finale:
- cheaper
- more interesting internals
- more lube
- includes shimapan

I do like J-List because they have all kind of stuff, but when it comes to onaholes they're pretty greedy. I mean: if NLS still makes a profit with this price… http://en-nls.com/pict1-33685

(in any case keep in mind it would be shipped with EMS, means you may have to pay additional custom taxes)

ID: 4cb5d No.37

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Hey, what do you guys think about AliceStage's Alice Good Material Ver2】アリスだよっ! ( AGM02-003)? Does anyone know if they ship outside japan? Been thinking of getting one..

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