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ID: b4255 No. 324

So I have been using Rina for a few months now.. but I feel it's missing something. I can barely feel any of the bumps inside Rina and I find myself using my hand instead of going through the effort to lube up Rina and clean her after. I also feel like I have to 'force' myself to cum as opposed to Rina helping me do it. Is it naive to want an onahole that will make it hard not to cum? I usually place Rina on the edge of my bed or tie it onto my daki for hands free use. Any recommendations?

ID: b4255 No.325

I forgot to mention I love everything else about Rina. But, I could just be naive. It's the only onahole I've tried.

ID: c8881 No.326

>for a few months
>the only onahole I've tried

Different factors here :)
- the hole is "used" and gradually looses it's structures
- you're regularly using the same, a "routine"
- it has no more secrets to you, "the magic is gone"

In short: you should consider buying a new onahole, so you can "switch" and bring some colors into your fap :)

ID: b4255 No.327

I'm thinking about Virgin Age Admission but I hear it's hard to use without using your hands. Would you say that's true?

ID: c8881 No.328

That's true: too tight. unless you lock it hard.

ID: b4255 No.329

I'd love to try Punihole DX but I feel like it'd be a hassle to manage. If you were me, what would you try next?

ID: c8881 No.332

Bangee Shake, a blowjob onahole, .. try something new :)

ID: 92dec No.345

I know it's a late reply, but it could be usefull to some, good onaholes for daki humping are "girl in a box" and "secret twin tales (the 1st ones that came out)", altough twins break after a few months of use (~6 or less).

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