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ID: 42a13 No. 343

So, I've gone through a couple Onaholes and I've realized that I quite like really tight holes with intense sensation.

I've got:
Shime tan

Ayase (the OreImo one made by A-one)

Transfer Student (it's shipping ATM)

I was wondering if anyone could recommend other similar holes? bonus points for ones that hold up to fast stroking well (I quite like fap hero etc.)

Also, I guess I'll post Kotori for any replies, because she's perfect.

ID: 1b5df No.346

You could try smooth & flat lab girl


but not recommended if you have a big penis. As for me, it was my first onahole, and I love it, the feeling inside is tight and soft, I just wish it was a bit deeper. Also, it breaks after a few months, not very durable, but the fix isn't too hard, using a soldering iron.

ID: 42a13 No.347

File: 1409378255295.jpg (237.23 KB, 487x530, 37461003_p4.jpg, io e g t)

Thanks for the tip!

Does anyone else have suggestions? I like to try and order 3 things at a time to make the most of the shipping fees…

Also: more Kotori.

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