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ID: 49fa6 No. 351

Question, what is the loosest of all onaholes?
I just placed a purchase for the venus real super soft, but I'm not sure if it will be loose enough.
What onahole feels like a well worn slut that gave birth to several wreckingballs? I want the hotdog in a hallway sensation, thanks.

ID: 605e3 No.352

Oh, the softest… I'm not sure C-moon would be enough for you, but it's the softest I used so far ^^


ID: 49fa6 No.353

That doesnt look like something advertised for its loose and baggy properties. Like I said, it needs to be gaping when just laying around and feel like woman who gives non stop birth.

ID: 69b1f No.354

Not sure, but I've bought this onaholes and they weren't thight for me, but that could be because of my small penis. Check em out:
Girl in the Box

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