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ID: 65b9a No. 355

Well, Basically Canada has laws against images of lewd loli girls and what not, be it real of electronically created, and I was wondering if anyone from canada has ordered onaholes / toys , what they did and what their thoughts are, on what i should do.

ie: should i ask for it without the package? or do you think it will be safe for me to get the box for "virgin age admission" without any issues.

ID: 9e2ee No.364

There's two ways you can go about it really as it can sorta apply to many countries in EU as well.

Either ask for it to be shipped without the suggestive packaging or give it a try run and if you get an odd phone call about it you can say you know nothing (at least not about lewd packaging).

The Virgin Age ~Admission~ box however doesn't contain any lewd drawings of the girl itself but it does detail the onahole on the back which may or may not be seen as lewd I guess.

ID: ff33a No.383

Are you serious? I just shipped a cocolo to some guy in BC. He never once warned me about this. I really hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the ass.

ID: 1aa33 No.412

bought a few items from NLS when i was in northern alberta. Never had a problem.

NLS packaging is so discreet that even if someone opens the card board box they cant see whats inside (its wrapped in some black plastic)

Even fedex doesnt open my shit, let alone canada post. Just ship SAL and you're good to go

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