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I've got a problem I've heard starting to use an onahole is a good fix for without the need to lay off masturbation. Basically I've been using the "deathgrip" when fapping at all times, which kept beating my sensivity down to the point I almost can't cum at all from sex since nothing is just as tight as my own grip.
Is there any general guideline as to picking an onahole to help me cure it? There's a lot of different types available so any input from people more experienced than I am is greatly appreciated. I imagine I'd just have to use it regularly to get used to the other kind of stimulation. I'll probably be ordering it from NLS since it appears to be the most economic way.
I've only had one Japanese onahole experience so far and I did kind of like it, even though it was a pretty cheap one.

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So, I guess what we're looking for should be a not-too-tight onahole with lots of different stimulation.. I'd recommend even using two very different onaholes, so you don't "condition" your penis to a single one. And for you to enjoy sex again, it shouldn't be "lifelike", so you're exposed to a good variation of sensations.

A few ideas:
{ La Bocca Della Verità }

How that would be, Bangee Shake (mild and unconventional) and Ju-C (intense without being tight or lifelike)…

Also: masturbate once or twice per week, and make yourself cum just once :) Remember the brain is the main sexual organ, if you don't enjoy sexual activity then that means your desire is low. Fantasies, pheromones, hormones and what could be a "mating season" pattern for humans come into play. Many stuff can kill the desire: stress, mood, lack of sleep, unhealthy food, performance-quest in sex, too much porn, "quickies",…

Tell us how it goes :)

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Thank you for taking the effort to give me such a great reply!
I'll try to limit my masturbation habits, as as you mentioned they might be a part of this. The change will take some time as I'm used to doing it every day, and even the slightest reminder of something sexual I'm into will turn me on like mad.
Thank you for the onahole suggestions as well, based on what you said I'll also try to find some cheaper equivalents since my budget is a bit tight for the moment… I just hope I don't end up with something I can't really fit into comfortably like it was the case with the one I bought in Japan.

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