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Virgin Age ~ Admission / Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. which one is better? I feel like buying a onahole that is tight but I'm not sure which one is better. oh and I'm not sure if Golden Lotion is good to use or should I better get Peace’s? (it would be my first and only onahole/lube for quite some time. I only have a limited amount of money and it is barely enough to get one onahole and about 1,2 or 3 bottles of lube maybe I can buy the other one in about 5 month :D)

ID: 3748b No.370

I got both at the same time couple months ago. When I first got it out of the box, I preferred Lolinco over admission. Texture, feel, tightness was just right. However, I think on my 5th use it began to fall apart… The material is very soft and squishy but the entrance rips easily.

Admission though, at first it was super tight. Too tight that if I let go, it just popped right back out. Over time, it got stretched and became more comfortable to use. Now I don't use lolinco anymore and use admission only. Plus the texture is great and this thing can be abused and still be in good condition.

ID: 5ceb0 No.373

what about the lube? If I get Admission wich one is better, Golden Lotion or Peace’s???

ID: dd84b No.375


Can't help you with the lotions sadly. I've bought some cheap and large lube so I need to use that up before I order a new one.

Personally, I really liked the one that it came with Lolinco. It was not watery like the one I am using at the moment. It also seem to last (not dry out) longer which I really like. Oh and it is also stretchy (?) like uhhh I mean to say its like stretching melted cheese.

I know that what ever came with Lolinco is what I will get for my next lube.

ID: f4852 No.484

Virgin Age ~ Admission and peace lube, would it be worth the 30€? (epacket postage included)

ID: 1224c No.490

I'd say yes. I've always bought Peace's since it has just the right viscosity and stickiness. All the other ones i've tried weren't as good. The only one that may be better is Tenga's flip hole lotion (red). I remember it being really good, but haven't bought it since because of the higher price/lower size. Haven't tried Virgin Age Admission yet, but I do have Lolinco and I have nothing bad to say about it. One of the best ones among the 20-something onaholes I have.

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