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So now I'm looking for new onahole after abusing the hell out of my Virgin age Admission. Still in top shape and I love it. Lolinko was done after the first week sadly and haven't touched it for months.

Now I want to get a new onahole. Preferably durable ones like Virgin Age admission. I'm thinking about Graduation. Looks about the same on the surface but different inside. I guess the quality and durability is similar to Admission since it is from the same company.

Any other suggestions for tight, small, durable, with bumps or twists for extreme sensation?

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I already tried Ayase and it was boring for me. Not as stimulating as I had hoped (too soft/stretchy).

Age series Seven looks a bit boring as well… Doesnt seem to have special parts for extra sensation.

I finished looking through everything that you have tried so far and I added couple more to my interest list: Onahoe Fairy and Eroman. So far Eroman > Fairy due to the bumps but I'm worried about the softness. In your demonstration it seemed to be as soft as Ayase. As for Fairy, it seems to be similar to Admission but with different angle and smaller ridges. Any thoughts on those?

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Eroman's definitively more intense than Fairy. The fantasy of fucking a fairy must do most of the job because the hole itself doesn't achieve much (but the durability is great).

Eroman feels good, decent performance. Material quality is a bit lower. Eroman's strength is the suction it gives, this makes it tighten around you and it gets a bit like a soft version of IBO MAX. I'd pick that one ^^

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