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ID: 56e56 No. 379

So because of ridiculous shipping laws in my country I can't exceed 24 euro (30 US dollar) if I buy outside of my country. I have to pay a shit ton of extra taxes if i do so. This is excluding shipping.

So right now I want to get more lube + one or two more onaholes within that price.

In a perfect world I would have already ordered:
Virgin Age -Admission- - EUR14.77
Virgin Loop - EUR10.06
Peace's Lube - EUR4.56
And a toy bag - EUR1.49

But that costs 30 or so euro on NLS. I guess my question is if someone know of some ok/good sex toys to swap around with so it's within 24 euro.

It seems fishy to get a dirt-cheap onahole along with the virgin age, but if I am I forced to do so I would at least get some recommendations. Or maybe there's some even cheaper lubes out there, but that is especially risky to get. At this point I'm desperate enough to just get some cheap vibe egg or something just to try it out.

ID: d3c39 No.380

File: 1411848774538.jpg (21.75 KB, 300x225, chu-300x225.jpg, io e g t)

… 24 € ?! Holy crap what a protectionist country you're in o_o

You could pick a Chu! instead of Virgin Loop, they're at 3,20 €. That gives 23,96 € right now.

Chu's the only onahole I'd recommend in this low-price range. (implying there's anything else)

ID: 56e56 No.381

It's ridiculous, I know. Chu seems pretty simple and cute actually. Pretty different from what I have right now. Thanks or the recommendation!

But I came up with a different idea throughout the day that might help me a bit.

If I get Virgin Loop along with TWO lube bottles I might be able to get it within the price. That way I can get two or more onaholes without worry about the lube on my next shipping.

Is there any expiration date on the lube bottles by the way?
Also if I go with this idea I might want something more expensive like the Mouth Of Truth (17.13EUR) along with something slightly cheap. I might however wait with that until/if you make a review about it. Those teeth look scary. What cheap onahole would you recommend along with it? Maybe Bangee Shake?

ID: 56e56 No.382

Meant Virgin Age and not Virgin Loop along with the two lube bottles, sorry.

ID: d3c39 No.384

Peaces has the date of making. Lube lasts well up to a year ;)

Low price… Yeah Bangee Shake is worth it.

ID: 43438 No.385

Alright. I started ordering already once I saw your mouth of truth review.

Thank you!

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