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Hi guys. As you may know, onaholes do not last forever, they break. So a way to fix them it's with a soldering iron, as I've seen at NLS repair kits section. You just burn the silicone where it broke and try to fuse both parts, but it's not that easy, the part which you burn vanishes into the air, so you need some extra silicone, which you or gather from other parts of the onahole, or from another onahole.
This was my first time using one of my old onaholes to fix it, I had to repair 2 onaholes, the first one ended looking like shit, but the next one looks quite well.

I'll explain it all here with pics, enjoy:


I'm waiting for everything to cool down now, so I don't have the results with how it end, I'll post later about it.

If you have any tips, let me know.

Hope this helps you, or at least gave you a good laugh, 'till next time!

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