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(Pardon the somewhat crappy picture)
First, I need to say, thank you AkaiHebi, this blog has helped convince me to buy an Onahole and made my time to myself much more enjoyable!

Now, onto business!
As you can see, my first order of onahole was "Chu!" For it's incredibly cheap pricing and inconspicuous "stress toy" look. My other focus was on having suction, as I had looked through reviews, that seemed to be an important aspect. In addition, I purchased "finish and sleep" lotion. It came with a packet of very gooey lotion (I believe the label indicated it was peepee) that was a bit… off-putting… not really my thing.

Now, this is less of a review, more of a cautionary tale, because as you'll notice the Chu! is torn, in not one, but TWO places.
Now, as this was my first ona, I didn't really know how to treat it. It was incredibly weird to try for the first time.
I started off like I would without a ona, with just stroking, unfortunately, I was a bit too rough (part of the reason I purchased an ona in the first place) and on (I believe) the second use, I tore the top - suction gone D:

However, I persisted in my use of it. Even though the top was split, it still provided great sensation - when used properly. I discovered this ona was particularly geared towards the head of the penis, and when used to focus 75% on the pleasure for that area, that it did it's job amazingly, and lasted quite a while.
As I saw happening,the area where the smaller bulb connected to the larger bulb began to show it's wear, and eventually tore, being the final nail in the coffin. It lasted me about three weeks, and to be honest, I don't mind.

I am definitely buying another one of these, with the proper usage, it will get much more length of use, which is why I am also purchasing a standard Ona, I was thinking perhaps Nurse's Uterus, Aquatic Series, and as a last choice, virgin loop (I'm not too attracted to this one for some reason)

However, I may forgo those and purchase the mouth of truth, as blowjobs are an extreme fetish, and I cannot seem to get that thing out of my head.

I hope this shared experience will be useful to any newcomers, always remember to wash your onaholes, otherwise some of the horror stories on these boards may happen to you!

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