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ID: fd4e0 No. 388

as the subject says, I'm searching for a matching lube for "
Virgin Age ~ Admission". I read the reviews and thought that "Golden Lotion" sounds quite well but its a little expansive compared to "Peace‚Äôs". Peace`s is cheaper and still is like 2.5 times bigger than Golden Lotion… I don't care about the price if Golden Lotion is better but I don't want to risk buying a expansive one that is worse then a cheap one. maybe you guys know even better lubes (?) I hope you can help me.

ID: fa3f2 No.389

For this one I'd recommend the Golden Lotion: since it's very tight the lube should give the best performance while using as little as possible.

I think the toy would strip Peace's away from your dick when you thrust in, leaving only a thin layer that isn't enough to feel comfortable.

Maybe try both and tell us how it goes :) Peace's a great lube for most toys.

ID: 40d8f No.425

Ive been using random lubes from Amazon that were waterbased for Virgin Age admission. I gotta say that after few strokes, all the lubes were pushed out and I just have a huge mess in the crotch area.

I personally had best result with the lube that came in with Sujiman Kupa Lolinco. I wonder what that lube was called…

ID: 3282f No.441

i went with girl's droll, works perfectly and gives the maximum feeling

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