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So I recently purchased a Guchomon Pocket Omega from a local online retailer and was pretty excited. I have a pretty small penis so the size was not too much of an issue, but I did feel that the stimulation on the shaft was rather weak. The only remarkable thing was the suction produced by the vacuum effect. This is my first ever onahole, so I don't know what other onaholes feel like, but I'm guessing I'm looking for something a little 'harder' (?) or 'firmer' internal structures (?). Just something I can feel as I slide it along my 4"in (give or take a few mm) shaft. I think I may have torn the opening to my Guchomon Omega, so I'm also looking for something a little more durable. Any suggestions? Trying not to exceed $100 dollar budget.

ID: 0a65f No.392

ID: bf003 No.393

Thanks for the help, they all look great. I'm thinking about getting Either a Bumpy Sister or Virgin Age Graduation or Admission (which ever is tighter). A shame that most of these lack suction. Also, as I mentioned, I'm pretty new to onaholes, can you me tell how hard I should be gripping my onahole when I'm using it or is it just up to preference? Thanks for the trouble.

ID: 0a65f No.394

The grip that's pretty much personal taste, I guess. You get quite different sensations and variety.

I'd recommend Bumpy Sister and Virgin Age Admission: a nice soft feeling, and a shaft-crushing intense tightness.

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