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ID: 5e94f No. 399

There's no way I can spin this without sounding boastful (it isn't my intention) so I'll just be straight up about it.

I have a very large penis (9.2 inches long, 5.7 inches circumference) and I have trouble using onaholes. I have purchased two so far, the Sujiman Kupa Rinka - Real Onahole and the Eroman. The former ruptured on the second use and the latter was cumbersome and so tight it actually hurt.

Are there any onaholes you recommend that can fit me? Or just recommend the widest/most flexible onaholes available?

Thanks in advance.

ID: d79b5 No.400

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ID: 5e94f No.401

Interesting. I'll try it, thank you.

ID: d4d10 No.413

I'd like to make a follow-up question on this:

While not as big (7.75 long and 5 around), I'd like to know what's a good choice. I get that R-20 is probably the best one, but is there a less-expensive one that would work for me?

ID: d79b5 No.415

File: 1415355939070.jpg (75.6 KB, 400x300, 1_1415066720_m_3qJ59.jpg, io e g t)

Not really.. there are very few handmasturbators in that size. Generally they are onahips. And much more expensive ^^; R-20 here has a very good price/performance ratio, and should fit you the best.

ps: make sure not to confuse with ToysHeart's new R20 PUNI, with is 135cm ← ← see pic

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