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ID: 688da No. 404

So, I'm looking for a Onahole that is suitable for someone eager to get the job done. Some days, life is just too busy and you just need a good release, but don't have the time. I was wondering if there were any Ona's suited to this, especially as your review of Love Girl mentioned it's for a long session, made me wonder if anyone knew of one suited to the opposite.

ID: 0c5c8 No.406

That would be something intense and easy to clean. Look at Ju-C maybe :)

ID: 688da No.407


Thanks for the tip! I'm looking at them now, you rated the PUTI 2 much higher, but being unable to order the PUTI 2 from NLS, I may just stick with the original, probably the hard version.

But, just as an aside - you have a warning about the artwork depicted on the JU-C Puti 2 review, which makes me ask, have you read this article yet?
I remember reading a few things about people importing Ona's to the UK and their worries, so I think you may want to make a PSA if you think it's necessary.

Thanks again for the tip!

ID: 0c5c8 No.408

Yes that's after this news appeared on ANN that I added the notice. Well, PUTI2 isn't the most concerned ^^

PUTI 2 is available on Amazon Japan, this means NLS can get it specially for you and of course just ship you the content, without the questionable package.

Sorry to ask, but what does "PSA" stand for ? :)

ID: 688da No.409


I luckily need not worry myself as I'm in the US, and I think I'd already have had a problem thanks to squid girl ^_^;;

and my bad, PSA: "Public Service Announcement" :D

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