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ID: d2b44 No. 424

Have you tried a good one ? If you do can you tell me wich one ?
And an good lube with it ?
(if it's on NLS it would very be nice ! :)

ID: dadf9 No.426

"Breast Melon" and "I Still Love You", I had. But I'm not really into titjob, so I'm not of real help there ^^

ID: d3bda No.427

Yeah i notice that ;)
I hoped that someone else would be interested in it but it seems nobody are :/ (or it's too early to say)
Well "Breast Melon" seems not really good and the ribs in the middle not realistic at all !
And the second it's even beyond that !
I never thought about it but i was always fascinated by paizuri and like that i don't have to wait for having one x')
Well i guess i'll try a lot of them when i catch a job ^^
I'll become "Pai-Sensei" here haha

ID: d3bda No.428

Is it not NLS who send you gifts after a lot of order ?
Or i'm mistaking
Or because they knows that you're one of the main european jap-sextoy reviewer ?

ID: dadf9 No.429

That's something you can suggest to them: a reward system for regular customers :) Like J-List with the points you can deduce from your orders.

The ones who include gifts in orders are J-List: tissues, sometimes "anime-style glasses" ^.^

So far I didn't get any free stuff from NLS, currently it's a trade of onaholes and reviews from which they still profit the most, but whatever :) their main deal is onaho.net I guess.

ID: d3bda No.430

I guess i was just mistaken then !
I wouldn't say like J-List, i think the scale is not really useful…for someone like me who don't buy a lot…
Anyway, the NLS prices are already a gift !
Do you know if it would be a problem if an order is too heavy ?
First order a little heavy (mouth of true + 2 120mL bottle ) and it was stuck at customs :/
The boobs masturbator looks quite heavy so i want to be sure !

ID: dadf9 No.432

I think it should be okay, if there's only this…

ID: c500c No.433

oh you don't read my previous topic ? I get my last order since monday :)
I was talking about an order with a fake chest, they can weigh 1Kg ! (the heavier i saw was 1.665 Kg !)
Maybe with EMS….?

ID: dadf9 No.435

e-packet can be up to 2kg with box ;)

ID: 8b419 No.616

File: 1425852339706.jpg (130.22 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg, io e g t)

I personally recommend Angel Boobs 3 (weight about 1500g). A lil over $60, and with DHL or EMS shipping… Should be just under $100 total. They have Angel Boobs 2, slightly smaller (and $20 cheaper). I also got that. And after using them both, I must say that Angel Boobs 3 is much better. Nice hefty size and weight, but not too big to make shipping hella expensive. Nipples are durable enough to bite on.

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