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ID: 379e9 No. 43

Hey guys, just thought we should have a board dedicated for shipping/customs questions. Would be helpful to know if theres any way to make shipping go smoothly or less painful through customs.

ID: 379e9 No.44

As far as I know, there isn't a whole lot you can do about customs. I live in Australia, and there are a lot of horror stories about customs here, but they're sporadic. I ordered my first two onaholes today (Smoking Phantom Can and Nurse's Uterus - along with some solid Tenga lube. I ordered it a week and a couple days ago from JList and got it today. Satisfied with the speed, even if I checked my tracking at every spare moment out of excitement - and even if the damn delivery man didn't even knock, leaving only the notice for me to pick it up.

ID: 379e9 No.47

I think you may be right about that, customs does tend to be random. Though I would advise everyone to check their local laws, just to avoid any trouble.

ID: 379e9 No.69

European here

NLS says international shipping might take one to two weeks because of customs.
Is this also the case if I order with DHL? I don't really see the point of paying €15 more if it's not delivered in the 1-3 day period.
Does anyone have experience with this?

ID: 379e9 No.70

German guy here
I recently ordered the "super tight decleration" and "open my pussy Rina" Onaholes from NLS along with a small bottle of finish and sleep lotion to keep it under 1.5 KG
I chose E-packet because it saved me 10€ compared to EMS and even 15€ compared to DHL

It took 2 days to deliver to germany and unfortunately landed in customs. Got to my local customs office a day later, which was a friday, so I probably got the note on monday (was away for some days so I could not check it). So I probably could have picked it up after a week which seems pretty fast compared to the other posting methods.
Ofc I could not tell if those would be less likely to land in customs. Was still cheaper then DHL (payed 9€ for customs) and I don't know if that would have been any faster.
In addition, the customs fee is calculated by the total price (at least in germany) meaning that it includes the shipping fee so on top of paying more for DHL I would have to pay even more for customs.
What I also found weird is that I got the customs note from DHL so it might be that all japan post is handeled by DHL in germany anyway. Or they made a mistake, can't really tell.

In conclusion: as far as I can tell there is not benifit of choosing DHL when ordering to germany.
If there are benifits like that it would be less likely for the packets to go through customs please correct me.

What I would also like to know is if toys that depict loli like characters would be illegal to import. The Law seems to be pretty vague here because possessing lolicon material isn't considered illegal here if they don't depict an "act which could be considered as realistic" (which is a pretty vague description). So could one get in trouble for buying an onahole depicting a naked young character or would it take like a comic (I've seen serveral onaholes including short hentai mangas) to make it illegal or could you order both? Maybe there is someone here who is more aware of german laws then myself.

Also would NLS ship onaholes without packaging depicting those images if you ask them to do so in your additional order information?

I'm not planning on buying more of these as of now but I was curious about some of those holes depicting loli characters due to tightness and structure (I don't really care about the packaging that's why I would even ask them to ditch it)

ID: 379e9 No.71

Well, from the few info I found, you're in trouble when "the character looks like what common people say to be children having sex", the "common people" here being the tricky part you could bash on court. But for that they would need to open the parcel.

If you don't care about packaging, don't take any chances and ask NLS to put that away for you :)

ID: 379e9 No.74

Thanks for the answer.

They opened the packet at the airport customs and I had to open it again in my Local customs office so I guess I will ask NLS to put away the packaging depicting questionable Images if I order some onaholes again

ID: 379e9 No.75

Can you go into details ? (what you ordered, why they opened, what happened next) -in Germany, right ?

ID: 379e9 No.76


hey so yeah as I said in my first post I ordered "super tight decleration" and "open my pussy: Rina" (thanks for the reviews btw. your page got me to buy them and they are both fantastic)!

They are rendomly opening packages not having a customs decleration here in germany so they opened it at the airport customs first and said they could not find any price(which is a bit fishy because the price was clearly stated on a receit in yen).

So I got a note to go to my local customs office and pay the tax (which is 19% of the total value incl. shipping here in germany) and had to open the package again because "they have to be sure that the contents are the same as described on the receit".
The women there just gave it a quick glance and then typed some stuff in her PC and gave me some stuff to sign that I received the package and payed the tax. Nothing more happened. They did not open the boxes or anything

But I don't know if they are actually actively searching for illegal stuff (extreme loli or some of that) and therefore opened my package or I am just unlucky and it got into a random check.

But I don't wanna take my chances buying loli onaholes and get in trouble with local law enforcement. Being stamped as a pedo because of that shit would not be nice. (though I don't understand why ppl buying loli stuff are often seen as pedos, but that's another story…)

ID: 379e9 No.77

Oh I see. I once had this kind of story, of "receipt not found" even if custom documents were clearly on the parcel. I smell some kind of technique to indirectly check if sender and receiver exist, and if the declared value is right.

Once needed NLS to send me a receipt copy for me to send to customs, got then taxes to pay. A couple of times they asked taxes according to the declared value on the documents. Yet never opened or asked me to pick up and open at office. Maybe they don't need to open it to see contents, they seem very eager to tax electronics (and this kind of stuff is easily seen with X-rays).

By the way: France just adopted a bill to make every shipping company log and transmit to authorities all info of every import/export package (sender, receiver, value, content if known, etc). I don't know the effects of this. "Automated import taxing" ?

ID: 379e9 No.78

File: 1386334605155.jpg (76.04 KB, 400x300, 1_1247039533_m_03top.jpg, io e g t)

Canadabro here.

Recently ordered the 17 Evo and was wondering how hard customs would fuck me in the ass.

Kind of concerned with 17 all over the box but customs would really have to push it with the box art.
If questioned I was thinking of saying that the 17 is the length in cm.

A little paranoid from the horror stories I've read.

Pic related

ID: 379e9 No.79


well on the Box it states "seven teen". Even a Porn Studio is named that way, it's legal because it never states that the girls are seventeen years old.
Also the Girl on the box cover has big boobs and therefore is clearly a grown up. You should not run into problems with them as it's not loli.

I'm not familiar with french customs but I will have a look into it if they change anything in germany. But my guess is that nothing really changes for the customer, they will still open packages randomly and maybe they get even stricter to have less tax fraud :(

I think that having to pay taxes if your package is worth more then 22€ is just not fair considering they even count in the packaging + delivering costs. Don't see why I have to pay f***ing taxes for product that are not even availible here at all -.-

ID: 379e9 No.80

You should be alright mate. Customs has opened my package containing Rina and Roa onas before. You should be pretty safe. But as others have stated, just ask the sender to remove the packaging if you're paranoid about the boxart.

ID: 379e9 No.87

Remove package-box? Then you will ordered a box with onaholes with no names in transparent bags ?

Or who cares if they saw price at "declaration", oppens a box - see a lot of onaholes, close it and send it to you ? Lol

It's a idea about box-art.

But what i meant is "Is it normal that onahole in that way have no name, and others can't understand where is which one in "declaration".

*Sorry for bad English

ID: 379e9 No.89


So I am not sure if I got you right but lets try.

Yes if you would ask them to remove the packaging and they actually do that, you would just receive the onaholes in a plastic bag without questionable extras (maybe the lube if it does not have pictues on the tube).

If they see the declared price and it's above the free limit, they will charge you the VAT or customs fee it does not matter if the onaholes are in a box or not.

But yes if they sent you a bunch of onaholes without the packaging, customs would not know which one is which, but they would not care anyway. They just look at the price on the declaration and charge you the fee

ID: 379e9 No.115

Right on. Another thing for those of you in CAN, be careful as customs sometimes seizes onas (or anything) with questionable images. I say sometimes because on one occasion they inspected and let the package through. And on another, they inspected and seized the same item that they inspected on the "other" occasion.

ID: 379e9 No.118

Anyone from Canada know what's the maximum value that you can do in one order without being tax by the customs?

ID: 453f2 No.142

I'm from Malaysia, any comments?

ID: 0bbf1 No.163

I'm from Guam here. I don't know much about customs here, but it seems to me that we're not as strict as other countries. Still, I want to be careful. Anyone here from US territories that have any experience?

ID: 036f1 No.164

Damn, I really messed up with my latest onahole order…
First, I took too long to decide on the contents of my order. Then I didn't think about the holidays (first Easter, now May 1st). My last purchase took only 5 days to get delivered… now it's almost 2 weeks.
My problem is that I am moving to a new flat this Sunday (my old place belongs to my parents and it'll stay vacant for the time being = I can still receive letters and stuff). The tracking said that it was in Customs since 19/4. Today it finally updated to "Retention", though it doesn't show a location… and there is no "Departure from Inward Office of Exchange" listed, indicating that it could be at the customs office -_-
I've been really tense since the holidays… and then I found out that someone took my name off the mailbox ~yay~. It'd really suck if I either don't get a notice from customs because of that, or delivery/notice arrives after my moving away… in addition I won't have any internet for some time and public transport to my old place would cost me at least 5€, and that JUST to check whether there is a notice lol

So people, never gamble on a fast delivery before you move away^^ I just hoped to get my stuff within two weeks, just before the moving…

ID: f8988 No.165

You just can be so sure about customs messing up your schedule when they feel like it ????

Can't you fill in the old post office a redirection notice to your new location ?

ID: 453f2 No.175


No problem ordering to Malaysia even with the lubricant. Ordered twice without any problem but expect 2-3 weeks for delivery.

ID: 56b01 No.180

Unlucky 164 is back. Everything's gotten worse. As my internet was cancelled, I couldn't check the order status myself (had to ask a friend). On 29.4 the DHL tracking said that the order is being delivered to my local customs office, yay. I didn't receive the notification card before the moving. Now I don't really know what to do. The card could've been delivered, but I'd have to travel to my old house. The "local" customs office is in a different town than my old house AND my new place. Travel costs are high either way, but I don't want to waste a long trip to find an empty mailbox -_- Simply going to the customs, well… maybe they insist on the stupid card and everything's for naught. It really sucks and I'm somewhat tight on money o.O I'll need a receipt of the order. Is it sufficient to ask NLS for the receipt, stating my order number, tracking number and transaction code? The last invoice from NLS only had a combined price, instead of a list of items…
I can't stop worrying over this stupid order. I also thought about asking the customs office to deliver it to an office in my new city, but that will cost as well (most likely less than a round-trip to the other towns). I've also read that after 10 days or something there is a cost for keeping the package at customs… and after some time (no idea when) they send back the package. That should get really expensive. Btw I'm from Germany, where life sucks^^

ID: 29e99 No.183

Nls sent me an invoice, but except for the toy bags everything else is called "Figure". Won't customs cause trouble?
Oh man, travel costs would be ~16 EUR and I'd spend at least 4-5 hours to get to all places… my last bet is calling customs and asking whether they can send it to a customs office in my new city. Though I have no idea if that's possible without the notification card. And what about the 14 days after which they send the order back, will that be reset?
I really hate me for making this purchase…

ID: 29e99 No.184

Triple post^^ So, I called the customs office, they searched for the package via name, couldn't find it. Told me to call DHL. Did that and asked about the order. They said that the last status is that the customs office got it. It can take up to 10 days to be processed. Yeah, so now I don't know who got the order. I'll call customs tomorrow again and tell them what DHL told me + IF/WHEN they process it they better send the stuff to my new city (they said they can do that).
Such a ridiculous situation and that's not even the worst thing in my life right now lol If I feel like it I'll post an update when I get news.

ID: 474f8 No.236

Hey. Anyone ordered one to the UK? Took a look at the customs site ( http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/customs/banned-restricted.htm )where it lists "indecent and obscene material" under "Banned goods". Rather worried that regardless if the packaging for it was there or not they would seize it (getting "Virgin Age ~ Admission so I'll probably have to ditch the packaging at least).

ID: 4872d No.245

Anything below $20 shouldn't be taxed. You can check the CBSA site if you want to double check.

ID: fc6f8 No.266

File: 1404697462741.png (208.92 KB, 395x300, 2c9a89d8.onahole-alien.png, io g t)

now i am shitting my pants after reading this thread, i am currently at my familys house for a week and travel back to my own flat in 7 days.
But i ordered 2 days ago (so 9 days before me returning) to my flat via 2x e-packet AND 1x EMS (so 3 orders) believing them to take their time with delievering (stated was 9-14 days with the 9th day beeing a sunday on that i arive)
Well I hope they run late, stick to their shedule or the customs stop them (all 3)

ID: d8690 No.267

Will NLS put a lower value on the package if asked?

ID: 8eef3 No.268

That's unlikely. I hope they don't do, because that's illegal and would get them fined, or even banned from shipping services.

What they can do, is splitting the order in 2 or more shippings.

ID: d8690 No.269

There are many sites that will do it for you like Mandarake and many proxy sites. Why should only NLS get fined? They'll lie for you to the customs about the content if asked, so why shouldn't they be able to do this?

ID: 8eef3 No.270

The nature of the content is not really of customs' interest as long it's not alive animals, drugs, weapons, …. DHL requires honest description though, it still can be generic like "rubber toy", not necessary to tell it's "TPE plastic vagina-shaped male sex toy" (much longer too).

Their interest is rather on the value of the content, since they use the declared value to eventually issue tax regulations to the receiver ;) That's something NLS can't falsify, as they told me. At most they can round it down.

Again this depends on country, and will vary with time.

ID: 7c3fb No.289

Looking to maybe order an onahole, more than likely the My Little Sister Can't Be This Tight, from the NLS site. Being in the US, can anyone suggest what shipping method is the best idea and if I should worry about customs?

ID: e6bde No.290

I have bought 2 onaholes couple months ago from NLS. I also live in US. At the time I chose the fastest shipping cause difference between cheapest and fastest was only about 6 dollars for some reason. That was difference of I think 10-14 days or 3-5 days so I thought 6 dollars was worth it. I have no experience with slower delivery options.

Time wise, it came in 4 days. It comes with tracking number so you can tell where it is. However update until it gets to US is kinda slow and useless.

Custom wise, I didn't have any trouble. On the box, I think they wrote "hobby toys" under description. I was fine with that.

ID: 574e7 No.291

File: 1405428607550.jpg (68.58 KB, 568x556, 1387185370869.jpg, io e g t)

I am back, turns out i am not so fucked up after all.

My 1 EMS Packet just miracously lied in front of my door.
Customs alrdy paid my DHL-Express, but DHL-Express does not have my sign on any documents so they paid me free customs lol (26€ <3)

My 2 E-Pakets … still in customs since 4 days, will most likely call there to make sure i receive them as fast as possible.

ID: 52521 No.333

File: 1408070088449.jpg (114 KB, 628x838, 0001.jpg, io e g t)

Luckily everything went well with the other 2.
One got through without me needing to pay anything and the other came hella late (3-4 weeks after i ordered) couse of customs and i had to pay a little, customs in germany can take long …

ID: ec2dd No.336

Hey guys, I have a question regarding the billing information. I'm planning on ordering from NLS and according to the shipping information on their website, they will change the names of the onaholes to "figures" or something like that. My question is, will they do the same with the information in the email that they will send to us after we have placed our order and paid for it? I'm using someone else's credit card and I would very much like to keep the information as discreet as possible. ;) Thanks so much in advance.

ID: 91918 No.337

.. in the confirmation emails ? Well, they remind the order and provide a payment link, and the payment confirmation confirms it….

"someone else's credit card"… oh I see where you're going. On the bank account, the debit will be labeled "24Bmoons".

ID: 59750 No.338


- "they remind the order" Does this mean that "the order" will list all of our paid-for products by their actual names? For example, Virgin Age - Admission?

- "the debit will be labeled '24Bmoons'" So in addition to this, will they list out the names of our products as well?

Sorry, I'm kinda new to this. :D

ID: 91918 No.339

Now that you ask me, I'm not totally sure if they include the list of products in the order confirmation email. I never paid attention to it, I don't remember and older emails get shredded from my mailbox automatically. Can anyone here check this ?

- no, it won't appear in the bank account history. Is technically impossible anyway, even Europa's SEPA wire transfers just have enough space to add the order id, not the content of the order.

Note: I have some doubts about Paypal… they can link a debit/credit card number and shipping address to an order, but I don't know if they technically record the content of the order, if NLS is required to transmit it to them. If you can wait 2-3 weeks for my next NLS order, I can dig this out.

ID: 10f66 No.340


Thank you, man. I'm really concerned about products' information being included into the confirmation email and bank/debit email. I would really like to hear from you about these things once you have made your next purchase. Thank you so much for helping a guy out! Really appreciate it! :D

ID: f9d6d No.349

Strayan here.

Onaholes itself is fine but its the damn illustrations/artworks on the package that might give you troubles with customs.
Depending on where you live, customs are always "hit-or-miss" shenanigans. There's no 100% guaranteed success and you always have to be cautious of what you're ordering.

Here in straya, you really shouldn't take chances as pornography related goods are restricted and needs permits in order import one. For loli stuff, don't even ask.
Though there is always a case where you could just turn blind eye and import it "normally"… You're literally playing with fire if you do this. There's always some strayan anons saying that "there's no problem importing lolis… Here's my proof" but I consider that as being on the safe side which, it doesn't necessary means that we're 100% free from cops knocking on your door.

For me, I usually order from nls or hot powers which regardless of how lewd the illustrations are (e.g full nude with tits/pussies showing or fully-clothed with pantsu showing etc), I always ask them to remove the packaging which they happily do so.

Better be safe than sorry

ID: f9d6d No.350

File: 1409827652442.jpg (556.01 KB, 750x683, a6-075g.jpg, io e g t)

Oh and just to add, folks from Hot Powers are able to remove any lewd illustrations on lubes as well.

I was able to import related picture with illustrations blurred out.

ID: 8b87c No.743

I know this is kinda old, but I've just ordered several things last week.
First of all: I do live in Germany. The package was sent through EMS and DHL should be the deliverer here in Germany. As far as the current progress says (01.06.15) the package is still in customs.

So what I've ordered was those things:
- http://www.kanojotoys.com//img/enjoy-toys/double-matari-onahole-threesome-mother-daughter-1.jpg
- http://www.kanojotoys.com//img/nippori/loli-stick-onahole-cosplay-japanese-virgin-girl-1.jpg
- http://www.kanojotoys.com//img/arms-japan/ubujiru-japanese-virgin-lotion-1.jpg

I bought them at Kanojotoys, who said they do discret shipping and clarify it as Toys.

The overall sum of my ordered products (those three above, and 2-3 more things) is about 122€. I do have a free sum of 22€. Therefore I do have to pay some taxes for sure.

Will the customs at the airport open the package? Or will I have to open the package once it arrives at my local customs?

As those images already show, the products do feature images of lolis.

That's why I'm asking here. Do anyone have made experiences with that kind of stuff? Maybe even here in Germany?

What will happen if I have to open the package in front of the local customs?

Child pornography is illegal here in Germany, but will that actually count to that?

I mean it's just the package which features that. The products itself are just sextoys. Would they seize my package and submit it to the attorney?

I'm kinda in fear that they open my package and think that I'm a pedo. I mean they could just remove that toys packaging, if that's their only matter.

So is here everyone who has experience with the customs?

ID: 3ed58 No.752

This exactly. While I've gotten 3 orders with packages that are questionable in content through customs fine, I may be pushing my luck on not getting burnt.

I'm hoping the 4th order (which has Virgin Age Admission in it) will pass through fine too. Hindsight: remove packaging.

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