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ID: 8c158 No. 431

First time onahole buyer here, was wondering if the following is any good for a 6 inch wang and for tenga and what not, which are good for reuse:

Dragon Knock:

Bible Black 09 cup:

Tenga Egg Twister:

Pocket Tenga Click Ball:

US Tenga double hole:

ID: 59fdc No.440

my biggest hope would be the dragon knock, tenga is generally shit for reuse (also shit in general), my experience with these eggs were shit too, cups are shit too in general, don't know about this specific one though

ID: 5531d No.450

Do /not/ get the Dragon Knock. She is a waste of money as she breaks within a few uses. She's made by Tamatoys, known for their terrible material quality. I made the mistake of buying her as a first, don't do the same and regret your first onahole purchase.

ID: 2f739 No.452

The Dragon Knock is pretty bland. I only use it because I paid for it. As soon as I buy another one it's going in the the trash.

Trust me don't get the cheap ones. Most of the time they're terrible. Not all of the cheap ones are bad though.

My first onaholes were these:


Both of these were great. I can say they're way better than the dragon crap. I also got Doctor anal which is even worse than the dragon.

Lesson that I've learned so far with these is that you should never ever go for the super soft onaholes. I actually only bought Doctor Anal and Dragon Knock because they could be turned inside out for "easier cleaning". It's not easier cleaning. It's actually more work.

Learn from me don't get them. Dont get tenga stuff either. You'll want something with lasting power.

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