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Do i have to use alcho to clean my onahole or can I just use running water with soap and use paper towel (tapping) to dry?

Second I have only used 2 onahole which are Tenga and Chu! Im looking for a new onahole and a good lotion, Ive been only using tenga lotions and I wonder if they are ok to use.

ID: 05a07 No.446

water+soap is fine
Peace's a good lube, plenty for not too much money: https://blog.onahole.eu/peaces.html

and for the new onahole.. something matching your fantasies here ? :) https://blog.onahole.eu/overview/

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Should I use a condom when I reuse eggs?

ID: a5924 No.483

No. As long it's cleaned before and after, you're safe :) Moreover, the lubricant on the condom may affect the material.

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