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ID: 8c08a No. 45

ID: 8c08a No.46

"good to go right out of the box" :)

ID: 8c08a No.48

I got this onahole 4 month ago and…
i didn't understand why do you mean when you ask if it requires an insert/sleeve (maybe because i am french and quite good with english language).
However, if i quite understand, i wrap it into a towel (after cleaning the onahole of course) when i didn't use it.
Not sure that answer to yours questions, does it ?
So good if it does ^^

ID: 8c08a No.49

oups, i meant "what do you mean when…" and not "why do you mean when".
ça craint les fautes des fois ah, sorry ^.^'

ID: 8c08a No.56

I think he was asking if it was meant to be used by itself, or if you were supposed to use it as a mount. Anyways as AkaiHebi already answered, its "good to go right out of the box".

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