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ID: c203b No. 451

Hey guys just a question about my order, I decided to get an onahole 17 bordeaux, I am 6inch long and 4.5inch circumference, i read on the blog that it is very good anyone have opinions on it ?

Also when i made my payment on nls it said my card was declined but my order is still there, how do I "pay" it, I can't seem to figure it out, what happens to the order?
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ID: 37ccb No.455

Paypal rejected your card ? Maybe it requires to register a Paypal account for you

ID: c203b No.511

Turns out my card company messed up my account and marked my card as unactivated, even though I had made previous purchases. A quick call settled it and the payment was made. Thougb I ended up switching my order to 17evo and Virgin Age Admission. Totalling to around 76$+Shipping on NLS. Can't wait to try them! Any advice ?

ID: fc40e No.512

Any advice on.. how to wait until you can try them ? :)

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