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I'm new to onaholes from using encased toys like the tenga flip hole (had all colours) and I find it difficult to masturbate with them.

Onaholes are really soft and difficult play with by hand so I tried making flaps in a small cardboard box and it worked well, felt absolutely amazing on my Rina/mouth of truth.

Does anyone here have a better way of making shells?

Perhaps using wax coating then moulding plastic to your toy for a removable holder.

PS. How do you fuck a lolinico or virgin age admission? they are just too tight and I'm not well endowed either

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OK I had an idea, I have a safe that comes with a frame to mount it under a table, the height matches the lolinico I have (larger onahole size) and I could pack some insert foam on either side to mount it in the middle. The soft foam wouldn't damage the toy and allow different ones to be swapped out. It's probably the bets way to have a stationary onahole if you want immersion.

The only foam I have that is suitable though is from my older oculus rift case and I don't want to ruin it

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